Wednesday, December 29, 2010

about Stalker, spies, busy body & social networking ..

recently i was made an aunt-in law (if there is such a term in English language) by menephew  ariff  (will update about that on totally different post soon) when he decided to end his bachelor year at quite a tender age of 24 (for a male). so being an aunt whose first nephew was about to be someone's hubby, i Google up about the parents (after i've checked  out on the wife's profile in FB obviously ;P ) that the father turns out to be someone prominent  (& so is the uncle apparently ;P) but unfortunately for that i was labeled a stalker watta...!? :( :( :(

i'm not sure if that was meant to be a joke or it was meant to be what it meant but it sure as hell made me turned red on the cheeks & fume came out from both my ears...

on my defend here's what i have to say... first n foremost his profile was an open profile n is accessible by anyone who wants to find out their why not, it's just a once over scanned anyway~no harm done, not that he's gonna be updating what's on his mind in that every half hour or keep changing his profile pic every 2 or 3 days like people do on FB or twitter or whatever other social network they have on now!

if for that i was labeled a stalker, what do u call people who come & go (in silent) & keep coming back to check out on other people's blogs just to see if one has written anything controversial or anything bad about anyone in particular then? is that spying or stalking?

ok what about people who go on FB  & scan through everyone's status update everywhere, anywhere at anytime of the day, first thing in the morning & the last thing they do at night before going to bed, at the restaurant while having meals, while having conversation to other people face to face, while watching the telly and even while driving then?

too lazy to argue....think whatever u want to think, i'll do what i want to do....


  1. LOL!! I sooo know that feeling of being labeled 'stalker' padahal what I was reading through was a public profile... everything out in the open! Bengong tak bengong.. kannnn? :P

  2.'s just unbelievable! it's as if they don't do exactly that...*___*


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