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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Sun has an OWNER???

WTF??? i practically turned green when i read the news article!!!

 a (lunatic) woman in Spain claims that she owns the sun & had it registered under her name at her local notary office (what is so powerful about her local notary office, again? one may ask) & thinking of imposing taxes on everyone for the use of 'her Sun'! is she out of her freaking mind, who the hell does she thinks she is?
GOD created the earth, the sun & all the other celestial bodies & not forgetting all men & women free of charge & out of HIS own creation came along this freak of a woman & claims that the Sun belongs to her? oh & not only that she 's thinking of charging everyone for the share of it! *__*

here are some interesting comments that i found online...

* Does she know that if she can actually own the sun, she is opening herself up to all kinds of  lawsuits?

* So if she owns the sun, that means everyone who get sunburns and skin cancer from it can sue her. Bet she didn't think of that

* Not only that, all people in the world would claim " They don't want the sun rays and stop the rays reaching home OR pay the compensation.

* home owners would claim the roof  & air conditioner expenses from her. 
* Right... Whats the contact details. I want to sue for damages. I got sun burn, the paint on my car is fading due to sun damage, my gr*** is dying and burning, i can't sleep during the day cuz of light. I want $10 mill for damages and inconvenience as well as another $10 mill for future damage. Should the owner not remove her property from my garden further law suits will be filed.
I would also suggest to forum of our city that i have found the one responsible for the recent outbreak of runaway and field fire in the country.

* Excellent, now I know where to send my compensation claim for sunburn. People who own huge great fireballs in the sky should be more responsible.

* Has the world gone mad? How can you own a star millions of light years away? The sun is free for all to enjoy and we should be careful how we use it. I live in Spain and suntan every year and if you think I am ever going to pay for the privilege, you are joking!!!

* my skin cancer is about 10000 dollars for treatment, so where do I send my bill. The Sun is responsible for the computer and satellite disruptions for my cellfone, so now I can send my complaints too; and I really would like to have summer year-round, so how do I get her to turn up the sundial to keep my plants and landscaping projects from dying this winter-- can I stop now?

* If it's a cloudy day can i get a refund?

* When she sticks a flag in the sun to claim it, I might consider her actually owning it.

* all those who have had a holiday when the sun failed to shine, sue her!!!

* She's been out in the sun too long!!!.

* I cannot pay and I do not forsee being able to pay in the near future.Please discontinue my service immediately.I will notify you when I am ready to resume.

* What if I don't want the sunlight around me - is she going to force it upon me or somehow control where it shines? Surely if it shines on someone who doesn't want it would it be illegal?! Stupid woman, shes opened a massive can of worms, she will probably try to sell it on eBay next week.

* She'll not have much luck charging all of us in the UK then, we don't see the sun very often. And the rest of the world can back that up as they're always whingeing about the British weather.

* She obviously doesn't "know the law". In fact she obviously hasn't even bothered to read the 1967 U.N. Outer Space Treaty, which was ratified and is currently in effect, and which clearly covers this subject:

"States Parties to the Treaty shall bear international responsibility for national activities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, whether such activities are carried on by governmental agencies or by non-governmental entities, and for assuring that national activities are carried out in conformity with the provisions set forth in the present Treaty. The activities of non-governmental entities in outer space, including the moon and other celestial bodies, shall require authorization and continuing supervision by the appropriate State Party to the Treaty."

Since a private citizen is classified as a non-governmental entity, she'll be needing the UN's approval for her claim.

*Fair enough, now we know who to invoice for all damage and chaos to communications caused by sunspots. We can also sue her for sunburn on the basis that she failed to control the amount of UV emanating from the sun etc, etc. She wants to claim ownership, she has to accept responsibility.

*i'm suing her for rampant melanoma and global warming. seriously though, this woman is stupider than sarah palin. I CAN SEE THE SUN FROM MY BACKYARD!

*Dear Ms Duran:
Your property taxes are now past due.Figuring in the age of the sun and calculating a fair-use property tax the government of the earth have calculated your tax bill:

Please pay the amount of :
12.6 quintillion pounds , due in full by 1st January 2011.

Failure to pay will result in the seizure of said properties.
Additional fees and costs incurred to collect the monies due may be applied to the total.

* Well, the EU should rightfully deport her to her Celestial abode.


now, if she so insists on charging / imposing taxes on everyone for the use of the sun, why not start with her fellow countrymen first, see if they'd bother to pay since she had pledged to share (how charitable) the proceeds with her government & her nation's pensions fund. wonder what would she do if they refused? cover the sun with a blanket? ;P

now that we know who owns the sun (that freak~ Angeles Duran & she certainly is famous that everyone is talking about her now, if that's what she's after), who's gonna register the ownership of GOD??? any takers? uuhh...would that be considered blasphemy? u tell me ms Duran since u so " know the law"!!!

the emoSUNny (the 'owner' registered with Blogger.Com (for free!) of~ Under the SUN In the Rain) has spoken


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