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Friday, December 31, 2010

what 2010 has been to me...

when we stepped into 2010 about a year ago...i didn't have any resolutions of any kind to start with apart from what i have been wishing  & praying for since after Laith was about 3 or four years of age about hundreds of years ago ;P to have a baby sister or brother for him. nothing prepared me for such an unexpected colourful journey of mix emotions through out the year.

this year has been the hardest & the most challenging for me even though i realized that things happen for  reasons. there were lots of unexpected turn of events and definitely lots of what i have wished for myself for as long as i can remember were unfortunately bestowed upon others....how sad... it's just unbelievable but who am i to complain hey!!

it's surely has been a roller coaster ride thru n thru. there were sad times n happy times. bad times n good times...n at times when i started to question the Lord Creator how unfair life is for me then i remember to start counting on all the blessings that been presented to me throughout the year n throughout all my life...i realized that God must have spend quite a lot of time thinking & looking after me when He comes up with all the obstacles for me to go thru with my life and that makes me appreciate every lil things while at the same time knowing that others had to go thru even worse.

ok done with the whine.

for whatever it takes i'm grateful to be surrounded with all the people i love & who love me back unconditionally.  i still have both sets of parents & parents in law. my ever so loving hubby whom i cuddle up to at night n wake up next to in the morning & my lil one & only bossy son Laith that i constantly fuss around for, my family & friends who think that i can be very eccentric at times but love me anyway...:P  yep thank u GOD, i'm blessed.

so goodbye 2010, bring in 2011 n see what adventures u have in store for me.

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