Wednesday, December 28, 2011

X trench wars xmas ops

how time flies in a blink of the eyes...It's another Xmas post to the one that i  thought i just posted not so long ago...

Merry Xmas to all those celebrating where ever u are...sure hope u had a great memorable one.:D

as for me, myself and moi, the day was spent at tanamera paintball field which mehubby was playing.. initially, the event was suppose to be held at a different venue~ TourBunkers Paintballer in Puncak Alam (which was more to the reason why i followed since we've never been there before) however, due to some minor inconvenience, the event had to be moved to a different venue :(

here are some of the pics during the ops...

hope ur xmas weekend was as exciting as mine too!


  1. hi there.. have a happy day everyday.. :)

  2. heya Mike, thank u for the wish. have a happy everyday to u too! :)


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