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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

i can see my blog again!!!

Yippee, i can view my blog again just when i was so ready to kick someone, anyone's backside (for that matter) for refusing me viewing my own blog, since my domain name has expired!
this morning, i received an email from the owner of the site to help me fix the problem after i wrote to Blogger Help.

Please provide the following information to help us troubleshoot your issue:

1) Blog Address:http://sunnylovesrain.blogspot.com/
2) Browser(s): Mozilla Firefox
3) Geographical Location: Malaysia
4) Are you using the new Blogger interface: yes, but just after i was kicked out from viewing my own blog
5) Description of the problem: every time i try to view my blog, it will open just for a few seconds before i was directed to Sudocode.net with the message:

This domain name expired on Dec 15 2011 06:05PM
Click here to renew it.

and every time i clicked the link, i will be transferred to www.3ix.com

the problem is i was never being informed that my domain name will be expired in the first place.

what should i do? how can i restore my domain name?  do i have to create a new domain name? please help....


komski has posted an answer to the question "domain name expired?":
Hi SunnyLovesRain, I'm very sorry for this inconvenience. I was the owner of sudocode.net and to fix this issue, you should remove the Was Here widget on your site. There is nothing wrong with your domain.

phewwh... finally, after removing the 'Was Here' widget which was claimed to be the culprit, as simple as that, my problem solved *_________________* .

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