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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Post Basilisk~ Hutlista, Ulu Yam

Hello people!!!

it's December now, how time flies  

*singing mode ON

Fly me to the moon  
Let me play among the stars 
Let me see what spring is like On Jupiter and Mars 

....without me sadly...:(

hmm... where was i before i started singing or even before i started the post...
right...i was about to write about my weekend. so i followed mehubby to his paintball game (as always...) what's new..well not when i have things to do of course...;p
this place in Ulu Yam is unlike those other paintball field that we've frequent to, apart from the waterfall it is kinda smallish really (the field i meant), but perfect for those who have team building session in mind. accordingly the field doesn't really have a name, it's kinda belongs to this Hutlista Forest Retreat, so i guess that is what the field is known as.

this group of paintballers were mostly newbies and to be quite honest apart from mehubby & Laith & oh Pat (our new paintball acquaintance) i knew no one else there...but they were quietly n secretly excited when they found out that i was there to take some action pictures of them...hahaha....yeah right, as if...;p


although we were there for just one game, i manged to snap quite a few pictures just for the memory of the day...

this, this however is my only picture there...;?

have a great week people! :D

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