Friday, July 20, 2012

12th Birthday dinner@ Chillies 1 utama

yummy Classic old style burger

   the oh so mouth watering Ribeye steak
my supper yums quesadilla
it was Laith's 12th birthday last Friday. we did not plan for a party unlike last year. instead, we opted for a simple only us birthday dinner at Chilies. it was cosy n relaxing. mehubby n i took the opportunity to spend and enjoy the moment with him b4 he turns into those hormonal scary monster teen from only God knows where in the next couple of years....

for now..dear darling boy, hope u'd concentrate more on ur study since UPSR is just round the corner. tv, games, girlfriends and play can wait, there will be plenty of time for that since they won't be sitting there next to u giving out answers during that every parents nightmare of an exam.

IiiiU baby<3

dayoung mentari
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