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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Laith's MyKad

finally, after turning 12 about 2 weeks ago which also mean 2 weeks of procrastination on our part, we finally took Laith to Jabatan Pendaftaran Negara (National Department of Registration of Malaysia)to do his National Registration Identification Card (NRIC) / MyKad.
why we procrastinated? well...it's just that...the idea of going to a government agencies (any government agencies for that matter) for whatever reasons somehow put us off since that will also mean we have to be prepared for a long wait for hours on end.

anyhooo..lazy butt or not, it's compulsory to get the mycard done for every children within 30 days upon turning 12 or be ready to be fined.

soooo.....after making a phone call to the department enquiring on what to bring; child's original birth certificate and parent's mycard and was also informed to wear something dark for the id photo we were good to go.

our fear of having to wait for a long long time and that we probably have to break our fast at the department was however much exaggeration... it was surprisingly fast, after we queued up (was a short queue) and given our 'wait number' and a form to fill,

we sat down and wait for our number to be called. the number came up about 6, 7 minutes later. went up to the registration officer, took Laith's thumbprints and my hubby's identification card to make sure that he is legitimately ours, we were told to sit down again and wait for the photo counter to call that same number. 2 minutes later, the number was up again and photo was taken and then was told " ok, u may go now."

we were like... seriously? that fast? we seriously can go now? Wow!!
i was almost so prepared for a long Hindustan entangled movie for this post but surprise, surprise it's one of those short, sweet and straight to the point one. Bravo JPN, keep up the speed!

Happy fasting people!! :)

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