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Monday, July 16, 2012

KPJ Kajang's failed Customer Service

earlier yesterday morning, mehubby gave me a scare of my life when he claimed of severe tummy pain which so unlike him asking me to take him to the clinic which was also unlike him to actually let me drive him to the clinic. unfortunately being Sunday, and also being too early in the morning the clinics were either still not open or simply no open on Sunday. so i took him to KPJ Kajang.

after a jab on the butt and a quick snooze and an appointment to see the doctor on Tuesday. we were called to collect the medication at the pharmacy. after explaining about the medication mehubby was suppose to take instead of passing over the medication to me, she handed the medication over to the cashier ( the pharmacy and the cashier's counter are  one and the same, they sit side by side). after payment and handed the receipt to me, we left for home. since the pain killer that was jabbed on the butt lasted for 8 hours we only start looking for the medication after it had worn out. so began my search- hi n low in and around the house and inside the car, under the car seats and around the car just in case, i decided to call the hospital pharmacy. as soon as i was call transferred to the pharmacist, and after explaining my predicament & inquired if there's a chance that the medication was left behind as cool as a cucumber he ( a different pharmacist though) said yes it's there for collection...and without missing a bit he said i must have left it behind....

errr...I don't think so...firstly, it was never been handed over to me in the first place. second, not remembering to take home the medication with me is not something that i'd think is done on purpose. LAST but not the least, KNOWING THAT THE DAMN MEDICATION WAS LEFT BEHIND AND THAT THEY HAVE ALL THE PHONE DETAILS ( MEHUBBY's as well as MINE) I'VE PROVIDED IN THE REGISTRATION FORM,{here's my number} WHY THE HELL DID THEY NOT CALLLLLLL!!!????
{CALL ME! NOT FREAKING MAYBE} wouldn't that be an extra plus service for the patients? or they just simply freaking cheapskate so that it won't add up to their phone bill? and they call themselves a specialist center, not in customer service they're NOT!

what would happened if i hadn't call? would the medication be put back on their respective shelves, i wonder..

so here's an update:
yesterday ( Tuesday,17/7/121) as asked by the Sunday nurse to call first (on Tuesday NOT Monday but Tuesday, because Monday is the Dr's Surgery day) to check if Dr.R has a clinic or not and then proceed to make an appointment with him (on Tuesday itself lah i'd have imagine kan). after being put on hold for eternity...a nurse answered the phone. so i explained to her what happened to My Husband, i Repeat, my Husband NOT ME ( u dumb Nurse) on Sunday and that i was asked to call n check with  the clinic first whether or not that the good Dr was in or otherwise. i was told then that on Tuesday they only receive patients by appointments ONLY! WhaddaEFF? 

Me: appointment? what do u mean u only receive patients by appointment only? i was asked to call today to check if the Dr has clinic today Not yesterday but today and to make an appointment to see the good Dr. today, not tomorrow or day after but today.
Nurse: No Madam, today we only receive patients with appointments, no walk- ins and we are full today and on top of that the Dr. is in the operating theater right now, we're not sure when he will be out. so can we fix one for u next week instead?

Me: Next week? (looking at the appointment card with all the days and time for the Dr.'s consultation hours so i asked) How 'bout tomorrow( somehow there's no Wednesday on the card but i asked anyway)
Nurse: there's no Clinic on Wednesday Mem ( so the Dr has Wednesday and Sunday off then)

Me: Thursday (2pm-5pm)?
Nurse: we have no room for appointment on Thurday too Mem,

Me: (getting bored but just too reluctant to quit and just trying my luck) Friday? (surely there is one since there are 2 sessions on Fridays (10am-12pm & 3pm-5pm)
Nurse: we are Full too on Friday Mem.

Me: (still not quitting) Saturday (9am-12.30pm)?
Nurse: sorry Mem, our appointment is full on Saturday too Mem.

aiyaiyaiii... i know i was being annoying too but u see, i wouldn't make such a fuss if it's a government hospital. i know and expected as much. but having to be put in a waiting list for a consultation appointment at a private hospital..I NO HAPPY :(

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