Friday, July 6, 2012

OPS OVERLORD: 7th Rangers (Mech) Camp- Mentakab

we were invited to participate in this awesome event couple of weeks back( sorry only now i got to update)

here is what it's all about;

Anniversary celebration of the 7th Rangers (Mech) unit.

Playing a demo game showcasing MILSIM paintball. Military hardware i.e. APCs etc will be involved.

 Showcasing / displaying PM:TO during the event.

Conducting a parade to show respect and gratitude to the 7th Rangers & it's CO.

7th Rangers (Mech) Camp in Mentakab.

we were not soldiers ( most wanted to but due to some qualification errors, neither allowed nor accepted into) but we were happy to mingle amongst them...

all i can say about that weekend was  it was absolutely AWESOME!

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