Wednesday, July 11, 2012

PM :TO Centaur's Charge 240612

This operation is the 5th in series of PROJECT MILSIM:TACTICAL OPS.

Who: All sensible MILSIM OPERATOR,

Where: Port Dickson Batu 8, P.D Pirate Paintball a.k.a Bangkok CQB

When:24th June 2012

Why?: Because we are community based.

GPS:Lat:2° 27' 46.7022" -->2.462973
Long:101° 51' 7.3506"-->101.852042
Googlemaps Port Dickson, Jalan Kemang 8

Fire Team Delta with Justin Bieber (in the middle) baybeh! :)
sniper in ghillie suit
Dead man walking (in red organza to)
taking cover
Run Forest Run...
the first time ever i get to get this people looking at one direction

beach assault by Fire Team Delta 
Callsign: Penyu Maut is rightfully in his element. his team mate was
 busy fighting he was busy making  the sand angel

nasty shot on the neck

One for the album..

don't let this sweet smiling face fool u, he's one tough Marine

poster pose
yours truly with her Besty- Lyna
an awesome weekend spent with awesome people... is a weekend well spent..:)

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