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Thursday, August 6, 2009

August update...

been quite awhile since i last updated this blog...hmmm....i wonder why... (with my as if i have not a clue look...hehehe)
oh yess ( ahuh!!!) that's because i have been feeling a lil under the weather since Saturday.. some flu bugs just got me under the spell... shooohhhh go away u nasty-nasty lil bugs!!!!

attempted to write about the bachelor party we attended on saturday yesterday but it was only half cooked...still in the editing process, i had to go out & find a cousin's wedding pressy...

feeling a lil better now & have some lil free time in hand i will try to finish of that post in no time i hope...

so.......... it's the 6th day of the month now...
a brief updates about this whole week in point form;
* Saturday 1st August- Mash's Back to Bachelorhood Party;

* Sunday 2nd August- it was visit my parents in Shah Alam day;

* Monday 3rd August- my flu miracoulauly cured after my morning round of golf with me hubby & me FIL;

* Tuesday 4th August-took Sue to the clinic for some preventive medications for her & K'ry honeymoon's cruise tomorrow & overheard (over the counter conversation) that the 2 lil patients (from Laith's school) are having a 7 days house quarantine...that makes me worry... why no news from the school? could it be that the swine is now attacking my son's school? BAD SWINE!!!
oh please GOD..let it not be....

* Wednesday 5th August- we sent K'ry & Sue to the airport for their 4th or 5th honeymoon Cruise on the Loveboat~ Singapore- Redang- Singapore route... hmmm noice~ happy cruising u 2 lovebirds!!!
in the afternoon, me hubby & i went to send his paintball marker to be repaired & to Mid Valley megamall for some Nando's (horrible service!!) & like i said earlier to get a wedding pressy for a cousin...(experienced an even worst & horrible customer service at Jaya Jusco!!!)

& still no news from the school..

today, 6th August- was suppose to be playing golf again this morning, but me hubby double crossed me by playing ( golf that is) with his ex schoolmates instead.... :(

& now i'm stuck here at the office all by myself...passing time in between checking my facebook, emails & writing this post while at the same time waiting to go pick up Laith & Mike from school @ 1.45pm

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