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Thursday, August 13, 2009

the wedding, the paintball game & the engagement..all 3 in 1 long weekend....

my long weekend started with a site recce for the paitball game, a wedding, the actual paintball game & finally the engagement....
please NOTE: this is last week though...;P

Friday 7th August 2009(070809 it make a nice wedding date)

though kak yaya's wedding reception started @8.30pm on Friday...

the lovely couples- Ayish & Lisha & us (not forgetting) ...
& the oh so cute newly weds kak Yaya & Hafiz.

wedding reception was held at Restauran Villa Felda, it was a simple wedding reception but beautiful nevertheless...
both me & hubby set out from Semenyih at about 1pm ( had to run some errands before the wedding & didn't even get to have lunch beforehand) 1st stop was to Pro paintball to collect me hubby's paintball marker sent for repair...met some of the usual suspects & off we went to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam ~ Paintball Valley for site recce for the next day BT Big game(paintball) tournament.
spent about3 hours here checking out the site discussing & 'strategizing'...they use this old Volvo as bunkers..

initially i had wanted to have my hair done for the wedding while me hubby went for the site recce...but he dragged me along...so no nice hair for the wedding then..earghhhhhhhh!!!:S

end of part one
Saturday 8th August 2009
"....annual BT Big Game (too lazy to write this myself)– The World Paintball Game. The first truly global big game, the scenario paintball game will take place on 8/8/09 around the world. Countries to participate include USA, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, and Israel to name a few.

Though there will be games taking place in different locations, the participants will be globally united as players will be separated into Red and Blue teams at fields. So a Red team member in France will be rooting for his Red teammates in Mexico. At btpaintball.com, players will be able to watch live scoring for each location to track missions and overall points by field and team totals."the bagpipers for the opening ceremony...

we played in the Malaysia blue team..

some of our Malaysia blue team members...

Malaysia blue team b4 the 1st battle...

Malaysia red team during the battle...

Malaysia blue team during the 1st battle...

Malaysia blue team won the first battle... well so did the 2nd battle!!!

Malaysia Blue team managed to conquer the Red's ground...
one of Malaysia Red team member suffered casualty...

hubby got a nasty hit on the hairline...Ouch!!!

the people...after the game...

uhhh...& the flags after the game!!!

both Malasia Blue & Red united during group photo session...

yeap...pack ur things & leave... till the next BT game hey!

end of part 2

Sunday 9th August 2009 ~after the BIG GAME yesterday
(090809 the engagement- the much awaited... finally!)

my BIL Jomey finally got engaged to his long time gf ~Aishah today in Johore Bahru!!! why the exclamation mark? simply because most people have almost given up hope/ asking him( my PILS especially) when he's finally gonna end his bachelorhood nearing his 39 birthday in October...& the day ( the 1st step) finally came... he's not gay after all (so the brothers (me hubby included) 'jokingly' thought!!! yeah finally he's found his perfect match! bless him...

we left the house in Semenyih at about 645 am & reached JB at 1015am...it was a smooth drive all the way thru... hmmm...well at least to me since my sleep was not interrupted through out the journey....!!;P

the Semenyih entourage with the offerings....

during the ' enquiring' (merisik)- asking for Aisha's hand in marriage (from our Semenyih Side)
& the accepting of proposal ( from the JB side) ceremony
NOTE: the red roses (made out of RM10 notes ) are the 10% down payment to the actual dowry asked by the girl's side..according to Johor's custom as i was told..

finally they are officially engaged according to the Malay customs...
NOTE: the man (the future husband )is not encouraged to be at the engagement ceremony..

& the feast after the ceremony....special of the day was the lamb 'gearbox' curry...& the not so special of the day was the "tipah tertipu' fruit coctail... seriously eyna & i thought those orange tingy were lots & lots of those yummylicious peaches but they turned out to be unsweetened custards cut into pieces disguised as peaches.. ewww...nasty- nasty stuff!!
p/s : Aisha & Jomey , if u guys are reading this- didn't mean to disparage but since fruit coctail is my favorite dessert, it was simply horribly disgustingly oh soooooo.... frustrating!!!

& here's the unedited original video 'only i alone' have...muahaha....:))
to Jomey: sape suruh tak clear ur memory card!???

goodbye, fairwell...see u guys again on the 10- 01- 2010!
yeah that's the date that has been agreed upon both side of families when they ( jomey & aishah) will eventually tie the knot.

yeah baby, it's DVD time...

end of all parts.... am seriously out of energy writing this one with 3 parts post..phewh finally!!!


  1. yeah.. 10.01.10 thats where i said goodbye to kerry's bday surprise. but its ok, family is more important and new zealand can wait.

  2. so lesson leraned..never buat surprise yg meng involve kan tickets dan kawasan swaktu dengannye...bcos sometimes kita nak buat surprise, kita yg tersurprise & melopong balik!!!



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