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Sunday, August 23, 2009

our DVD marathon...

ok this entry was actually written sometime during the 1st week of Ramadhan but i never managed to finish it because of the reasons stated on my latest post...tq ;P


it was the 1st day of Ramadhan & we've missed our sahur for some stupid reason~ i forgot to reset my alarm clock(ie 5am) from just Monday - Friday (Laith school weekdays) to Monday- Sunday setting!!!
pity my darling son for that...sorry babe...it won't happen again k..

since it's our 1st free Saturday for a long time.. for the past few months... decided to stay at home & be lazy....hmmm bless!!!

so what better things to do then watch DVD at the comfort of our own home...only minus the tidbits & snacks & drinks...

first DVd: Outlander (2008)
(sorry this a a copy a paste version too lazy to write the synopsis myself!)

Outlander begins when a space craft crashes onto planet earth. The ship lands in a lake situated around the local fjords of ancient Norway in the time of the Vikings. From the wreckage emerge two bitter enemies: a soldier from another world that spoke Icelandic for some unknown reason and stated that he came from an Island to the North Kainan and a bloodthirsty creature known as the Moorwen. Man and monster both seek revenge for violence committed against them. As the Moorwen ravages the Viking world, killing everything in its path, Kainan forms an alliance with the primitive but fierce warriors. Whilst trying to hunt for the Moorwen, war brews among the Vikings, which ends with both sides taking immense losses. As the enemy Vikings retreat into the forests, the Moorwen strikes, leaving the vikings no choice but to run for help to their once close enemies. Together, the two sides attempt to destroy the Moorwen as a single band of Vikings. The Vikings thus construct a pit filled with oil to lure the Moorwen inside and plan to ignite the fuel, burning the Moorwen, with the help of Kainan. The plan to incinerate the Moorwen fails, leaving the village to take massive casualties, and with the surprise that the Moorwen had given birth to a new, younger Moorwen, which surprises the Vikings from behind and killing the Viking Leader in the process. This leaves the villages in fear and its warriors demoralised, most leaving the village in search of a new home and safety. Kainan and a remaining loyal Vikings stand together to destroy the Moorwen once and for all. Kainan thus realizes from the last battle that the Moorwen is almost impenetrable with the current metals used and thus extracts metals from his sunken space ship. Giving the metals to the smith, he combines his advanced technology with ancient Iron Age weapons, and goes on to the final battle with the Moorwen.

my verdict: Although it's a strange combination between a spacecraft thingy with a totally primitive vikings fighting against some auto space alien monster, i did enjoy the movie nonetheless!

2nd DvD: Pink Panther 2

When the world's greatest treasures, including the Pink Panther Diamond, are stolen, only one man can solve the mystery: Clouseau (Steve Martin). Together with his partner Ponton (Jean Reno) and a team of international detectives, the bumbling detective must catch the thief and retrieve the artifacts -- without causing too much collateral damage in the process.

my verdict: it's funny but not as hilarious as the 1st one... i could watch the 1st movie over & over again & still laughing my head off! xD

3rd dVd: Knowing

A time capsule containing a cryptic message about the coming apocalypse sends a concerned father on a race to prevent the horrific events from unfolding as predicted in this sci-fi thriller directed by Alex Proyas (Dark City) and starring Nicolas Cage. 1958: As the dedication ceremony for a newly constructed elementary school gets under way, a time capsule containing student drawings of the future is buried on the grounds and scheduled to be unearthed on the school's 50th anniversary. Instead of submitting a drawing, however, one little girl scribbles a series of seemingly random numbers on her paper before it is buried. Fifty years later, the time capsule is unearthed for a new generation of students to examine. Young Caleb Koestler (Chandler Canterbury) is one of those students. The mysterious sequence of numbers falling into his possession, Caleb takes the paper to his father, Professor John Koestler (Cage), for examination. Studying the numbers, Professor Koestler soon discovers that they aren't random at all, but an encoded message containing the precise dates, death tolls, and coordinates of every major disaster since the time capsule was buried. Not only that, but the document also indicates that there will be three more such events, the last of which indicates a doomsday scenario that appears directly tied to Professor Koestler and Caleb. His desperate plea to authorities falling on deaf ears, Professor Koestler realizes that his only hope for preventing more lives from being lost is to take personal action. Though the author of the prophecies is no longer living, Professor Koestler is eventually able to track down her daughter Diana Wayland (Rose Byrne), and granddaughter Abby, who reluctantly agree to aid in the investigation. As the final date on the list draws near, Professor Koestler enters into a frantic race against time to prevent destruction on a global scale, in the process realizing that in order to save millions of lives, he may have to make the ultimate sacrifice.

my verdict: i wouldn't want to be in the position to know such things or event would happen & when.... this movie is basically a cross between a story about the end of the world & Noah's Arc!

4th & final dvD: Fast & Furious 4

“When a crime brings them back to L.A., fugitive ex-con Dom Toretto (Diesel) reignites his feud with agent Brian O’Conner (Walker). But as they are forced to confront a shared enemy, Dom and Brian must give in to an uncertain new trust if they hope to outmanoeuvre him.”

my verdict: Although i am not one of those car race movie fan, i've watched all 4 & i love this one the most.

& that was the last we watched that day b4 we left for our berbuka @ my PIL's.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Ramadhan is here again...

To all my Muslim visitors, i'm wishing u;

Happy Ramadan Al Mubarak...May this holy month brings joy n NUR into our life & received ALLAH'S blessing & forgiveness.....Amin.

p/s:this is also the best time to detoxify yourselves after 11 months of those junk & greasy food u have...

Friday, August 21, 2009

chicken cordon bleu for breakfast...

Sue (my darling SIL) made this Chicken Cordon Bleu for dinner last nite & i only got to have it for breakfast this morning!!! ma bad...;(

well what happened was, while preparing for the chicken she asked if i would stay for dinner. since i had to pick up Laith & Mike from their tuition class & collect mehubby from the LRT station later that evening, i said i would but i'd be a bit late...
so she said she'd keep a portion for me...

She texted me telling where she'd keep my portion, only i didn't get it until this morning since Laith was playing with my cellphone on the way to collect mehubby, he left it at the back seat of the car & i didn't know that my cell was not in my bag all nite...(just so typical of me..i hardly ever check my cellphone especially in the evening...)

when i came back to myPIL's i saw the chicken sitting in the oven but since i didn't know who it belongs to ( i didn't know she left a msg on my cell remember) i didn't touch it...even toklat & k mis did not mention anything about that portion of chicken...

although i had to reheat it in the pan, it was still good to eat..just look at the melted cheese & the chicken texture!!!

it was again staring at me in the fridge this morning when i was about to prepare Laith's pack lunch... still i didn't know that was my portion until i found my phone form the car & retrieved 2 text messges frm sue; one was from last nite telling me that she'd left the chicken in the oven & the salad in the fridge & the 2nd one was asking why i didn't eat the chicken & sounded upset!!!;(

sorry darling, i didn't know, i saw it staring me in the face but i didn't dare touch cos it could belong to someone else in the house...

so before i had it for breakfast this morning i dressed it up, took pictures of it & blog about it now...
it was absolutely yummylicious i tell yer!!!

Sunday, August 16, 2009

noodle magic!

took ma to Tesco Shah Alam yesterday. after we've done with the shopping, ...too lazy to cook, we bought some food for lunch at the food court....
& this is what we saw...the still picture version

they are Muslim Chinese originally from china. they operate a food stall specializing in noodles... the noodle maker is a young chap who could speak fluent Malay with a cute Mandarin twang....after we were so mesmerized with the display of noodle making skill, we decided to give it a try, so we ordered a take away noodle... they have about 8-10 different noodles menu & each cost only @RM5 per bowl....
upon request, he happily let me take pictures and video record him...

unfortunately due to my over excitement seeing what i saw, i forgot to take pictures of their menu let alone their business name!!! anyway if anyone of u is in the Shah Alam vicinity & would love to try some of those delicious homemade noodle...do give Tesco Shah Alam's food court a visit, (please take note: not Tesco Extra, ok)
oh & the noodle soup of which the name i do not remember...was simply yummylicious!!!!


he's away in Jakarta on a business trip this weekend...
boohoohoohoo... i soooooooo hate it when he's away!!!:'(

When Im feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then Im not so blue
When youre close to me, I can feel your heart beat
I can hear you breathing near my ear
Wouldnt you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love

Anytime you want to you can turn me onto
Anything you want to, anytime at all
When I kiss your lips, ooh I start to shiver
Cant control the quivering inside
Wouldnt you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love, oh

When Im feeling blue, all I have to do
Is take a look at you, then Im not so blue
When Im in your arms, nothing seems to matter
My whole world could shatter, I dont care
Wouldnt you agree, baby you and me got a groovy kind of love
We got a groovy kind of love
We got a groovy kind of love, oh
We got a groovy kind of love


Friday, August 14, 2009

PS, I LOVE U the book vs the movie..

Book Description (sorry this is a copy paste description, too lazy to write myself)

′Remember wonderful memories, but don′t be afraid to make some more.′

Holly and Gerry had the perfect life. Happily married, living in Dublin close to their friends and family, and with a brilliant social life, they had the world at their feet. Or so they thought. When Gerry dies, Holly is devastated. On the eve of her 30th birthday, the man who was her lover, her best friend, her rock, has left her. But Gerry promised he′d always be there for Holly. And he is: his last bequest to her is The List, a bundle of notes which form a monthly mission for Holly to get her life back on track.

As the notes are gradually opened, and as the year unfolds, Holly is both cheered up and challenged. The man who knows Holly better than anyone sets out to teach her that life goes on. With some help from her friends, and her noisy and loving family, Holly finds herself laughing, crying, singing, dancing - and being braver than ever before. Life is for living, she realises - but it always helps if there′s an angel watching over you.

i love the definitely love the book better...i cried when i read it..it was definitely heart wrenching. personnaly, i've experiences the loss of a loved one once & i could relate...i mean it's nothing like the book of course but the feeling of u know won't be able to see that person ever again is just too much to take...

when i bought the DVD version of the same title adapted from the book... & decided to watch it last nite...
i was yawning all the way thru... it was nothing like the book!!!
the castings ware such a disappointment, Hillary Swank just has so much to learn when it comes to playing a romantic role & so does Gerard Butler..saw him play the tough macho in the film- 300...just not cute enough to take up the Gerry role... Lisa Kudrow was just so not funny...
i was so looking forward to the part when Holly went to the travel agency to collect her tickets...& nothing happened!!! i just had to push the tissue box away...way out of my way...no use for them...on the other hand, at least i get to save one tissue box this month!

i guess i have yet to learn my lesson...once i've read the books, i should not bother watch the movie...& vice versa...;p
then again if u don't read & u love chic lit movie, this perhaps is ur movie...

Thursday, August 13, 2009

the wedding, the paintball game & the engagement..all 3 in 1 long weekend....

my long weekend started with a site recce for the paitball game, a wedding, the actual paintball game & finally the engagement....
please NOTE: this is last week though...;P

Friday 7th August 2009(070809 it make a nice wedding date)

though kak yaya's wedding reception started @8.30pm on Friday...

the lovely couples- Ayish & Lisha & us (not forgetting) ...
& the oh so cute newly weds kak Yaya & Hafiz.

wedding reception was held at Restauran Villa Felda, it was a simple wedding reception but beautiful nevertheless...
both me & hubby set out from Semenyih at about 1pm ( had to run some errands before the wedding & didn't even get to have lunch beforehand) 1st stop was to Pro paintball to collect me hubby's paintball marker sent for repair...met some of the usual suspects & off we went to Bukit Cahaya Seri Alam ~ Paintball Valley for site recce for the next day BT Big game(paintball) tournament.
spent about3 hours here checking out the site discussing & 'strategizing'...they use this old Volvo as bunkers..

initially i had wanted to have my hair done for the wedding while me hubby went for the site recce...but he dragged me along...so no nice hair for the wedding then..earghhhhhhhh!!!:S

end of part one
Saturday 8th August 2009
"....annual BT Big Game (too lazy to write this myself)– The World Paintball Game. The first truly global big game, the scenario paintball game will take place on 8/8/09 around the world. Countries to participate include USA, Mexico, Canada, Spain, Portugal, France, Poland, Finland, Norway, Malaysia, and Israel to name a few.

Though there will be games taking place in different locations, the participants will be globally united as players will be separated into Red and Blue teams at fields. So a Red team member in France will be rooting for his Red teammates in Mexico. At btpaintball.com, players will be able to watch live scoring for each location to track missions and overall points by field and team totals."the bagpipers for the opening ceremony...

we played in the Malaysia blue team..

some of our Malaysia blue team members...

Malaysia blue team b4 the 1st battle...

Malaysia red team during the battle...

Malaysia blue team during the 1st battle...

Malaysia blue team won the first battle... well so did the 2nd battle!!!

Malaysia Blue team managed to conquer the Red's ground...
one of Malaysia Red team member suffered casualty...

hubby got a nasty hit on the hairline...Ouch!!!

the people...after the game...

uhhh...& the flags after the game!!!

both Malasia Blue & Red united during group photo session...

yeap...pack ur things & leave... till the next BT game hey!

end of part 2

Sunday 9th August 2009 ~after the BIG GAME yesterday
(090809 the engagement- the much awaited... finally!)

my BIL Jomey finally got engaged to his long time gf ~Aishah today in Johore Bahru!!! why the exclamation mark? simply because most people have almost given up hope/ asking him( my PILS especially) when he's finally gonna end his bachelorhood nearing his 39 birthday in October...& the day ( the 1st step) finally came... he's not gay after all (so the brothers (me hubby included) 'jokingly' thought!!! yeah finally he's found his perfect match! bless him...

we left the house in Semenyih at about 645 am & reached JB at 1015am...it was a smooth drive all the way thru... hmmm...well at least to me since my sleep was not interrupted through out the journey....!!;P

the Semenyih entourage with the offerings....

during the ' enquiring' (merisik)- asking for Aisha's hand in marriage (from our Semenyih Side)
& the accepting of proposal ( from the JB side) ceremony
NOTE: the red roses (made out of RM10 notes ) are the 10% down payment to the actual dowry asked by the girl's side..according to Johor's custom as i was told..

finally they are officially engaged according to the Malay customs...
NOTE: the man (the future husband )is not encouraged to be at the engagement ceremony..

& the feast after the ceremony....special of the day was the lamb 'gearbox' curry...& the not so special of the day was the "tipah tertipu' fruit coctail... seriously eyna & i thought those orange tingy were lots & lots of those yummylicious peaches but they turned out to be unsweetened custards cut into pieces disguised as peaches.. ewww...nasty- nasty stuff!!
p/s : Aisha & Jomey , if u guys are reading this- didn't mean to disparage but since fruit coctail is my favorite dessert, it was simply horribly disgustingly oh soooooo.... frustrating!!!

& here's the unedited original video 'only i alone' have...muahaha....:))
to Jomey: sape suruh tak clear ur memory card!???

goodbye, fairwell...see u guys again on the 10- 01- 2010!
yeah that's the date that has been agreed upon both side of families when they ( jomey & aishah) will eventually tie the knot.

yeah baby, it's DVD time...

end of all parts.... am seriously out of energy writing this one with 3 parts post..phewh finally!!!


i've finally created a new blog: sunnymailbox!

over the years, i receive a lot of emails, be it junk or otherwise from friends & family sometimes hard to get rid off during my mailbox spring cleaning session...
so i decided to create this blog, free my mailbox space & share all the mails worth sharing with whoever cares to visit this lil space...


Thursday, August 6, 2009

August update...

been quite awhile since i last updated this blog...hmmm....i wonder why... (with my as if i have not a clue look...hehehe)
oh yess ( ahuh!!!) that's because i have been feeling a lil under the weather since Saturday.. some flu bugs just got me under the spell... shooohhhh go away u nasty-nasty lil bugs!!!!

attempted to write about the bachelor party we attended on saturday yesterday but it was only half cooked...still in the editing process, i had to go out & find a cousin's wedding pressy...

feeling a lil better now & have some lil free time in hand i will try to finish of that post in no time i hope...

so.......... it's the 6th day of the month now...
a brief updates about this whole week in point form;
* Saturday 1st August- Mash's Back to Bachelorhood Party;

* Sunday 2nd August- it was visit my parents in Shah Alam day;

* Monday 3rd August- my flu miracoulauly cured after my morning round of golf with me hubby & me FIL;

* Tuesday 4th August-took Sue to the clinic for some preventive medications for her & K'ry honeymoon's cruise tomorrow & overheard (over the counter conversation) that the 2 lil patients (from Laith's school) are having a 7 days house quarantine...that makes me worry... why no news from the school? could it be that the swine is now attacking my son's school? BAD SWINE!!!
oh please GOD..let it not be....

* Wednesday 5th August- we sent K'ry & Sue to the airport for their 4th or 5th honeymoon Cruise on the Loveboat~ Singapore- Redang- Singapore route... hmmm noice~ happy cruising u 2 lovebirds!!!
in the afternoon, me hubby & i went to send his paintball marker to be repaired & to Mid Valley megamall for some Nando's (horrible service!!) & like i said earlier to get a wedding pressy for a cousin...(experienced an even worst & horrible customer service at Jaya Jusco!!!)

& still no news from the school..

today, 6th August- was suppose to be playing golf again this morning, but me hubby double crossed me by playing ( golf that is) with his ex schoolmates instead.... :(

& now i'm stuck here at the office all by myself...passing time in between checking my facebook, emails & writing this post while at the same time waiting to go pick up Laith & Mike from school @ 1.45pm


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