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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

bolly wedding costume shopping...

this is a backdated enty.

nearing my BIL Jomey's Bollywood wedding theme couple of weeks back, we went shopping for the costume at City One Plaza. it was my 1st time there. the moment i stepped into the plaza my eyes went wild with colours. the wedding color theme were suppose to be brown & gold or earth tone( so he said...)but it's kinda hard to find those colours when Bollywood was the main characteristic of the wedding! it's kinda hard trying not to outdo the bride & groom looking at those vibrant colors!

rows upon rows of Salwar Kameez & saree...

the salwar khameez that i tried on.& it almost matches ( color)  the one for mehubby held next to me on the hanger.

all along when everyone has agreed on the Bollywood theme wedding, i thought i'd go for either saree or lengha ( or then i didn't have a clue what it's really called but only known as that outfit with the skirt!)  but it's quite difficult to find a decent looking lengha that do not actully show off the tummy part...hehehe... don't think it'll be a pretty sight unless i have a nice flat tummylah...
& so after going in & out of the many shops at the plaza...my eyes were glued on this lovely two tones blue lengha! err... what happened to the gold & brown theme colour??
hmmm...didn't i mention something about earth tones earlier? well there.. the sky  & the oceans are blue..isn't that part of the earth color then??? ;P
well my impression of Bollywood is COLOR ! how can u go brown & gold on Bollywood!??

this is the original lengha before i did some alteration to the sleeves...hehehe...

i thought it's kinda cool that i wear lengha, my SIL eyna wears Salwar Khameez & my other SIL Sue wears Saree & not knowing that....
point to note:   i told my parents about the lengha that i baught & they ( both my parents have lots of indian friends ) told me that; married women wears Saree the unmarried girls wear lengha & for Salwar Khameez any one can go for it!errk...!!!! hehehe...to late..........;P

and these...
were during our last minute bangle, tikka, bindi, chocker, ear dangles, anklets & such  shopping the day before the wedding reception.
pretty colours...

i love this choker necklace but woudn't go with my blue lengha.

errmmm...since sue & i were a lil bit gediks,we got ourselves an anklet each! :D
will post an entry on the henna later.

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