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Monday, March 29, 2010

Earth Hour BBQ 2010

like last year, this year, we celebrated & supported Earth hour with bbq at my PIL's lawn again.  it was kinda last minute decision though with most of our friends ( the paintball circle) who attended the earth hour bbq last year had prior plans..nevertheless the celebration went well. had a great time preparing the food with my bsf sue too.( i prepared the lamb, black pepper sauce, mashed potatoes & triffle while sue made those delicious mushroom soup, beef bread fritters & salad)~  nothing fancy just those things bbq must have that we prepared with much TLC.
picture is a bit blur from the bbq smoke...

the boys lit & arranged the candles
 sue & i prepared most of the dishes except for the Satay.

with the lady of honour..LDK
aaaaah...after all those food!!!
& the happy tummy full, faces...

support Earth hour yo! only for 60 mins once a year, how hard can it be!?
celebrate it with ur family & friends, it'll be fun. trust me.

Monday, March 15, 2010

introducing SunnyStar to the world!!!!

finally, after so much contemplations & considerations taken into account, SunnyStar- face & body art  is born!!!!~ a join effort between me & my darling bsf ~ Sue @ Star. we have agreed & decided to combine both our passion & (a lil) talent in doodling, drawing, sketching, painting & the like.... & turn them into money!

 we cater for parties, events & special functions...
here are some of our cheek art pix...

here are some of our half face/ full face pix....

& some of the henna designs...

more pix  here.

sunnylovesrain signing off.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

come clean!

life is full of wonderment...its always a wonder when people claim that they are good at certain things when they are not. why the hassle? why the cover up? why must u lie?
if it's just to safe face, think of the hassle when people start pressurizing u to deliver what u claim u are good at.  

it's sometimes a lot easier to come clean & & confess that u do not know how to do certain things then keep telling people that u do & keep having to do lots of covering up just to hide the facts that u in actual fact do not know a single shit about that particular thing!
i believe that once u do that the burden of stress is lifted up from u right away then u having to keep coming up with lots & lots of excuses why u cannot perform & deliver!  like me for example, i do not know how to sew using the sewing machine...told everyone (who needs to know) about it, & wallah..i have never been bothered from that particular task if ever the need arises, but telling them i can help hand sew it if it is an emergency case.

it's easier to come clean rather then having to think up excuses after excuses....at the very least, if u are willing to learn, people will be willing to teach...just my 2 cents.


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