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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

come clean!

life is full of wonderment...its always a wonder when people claim that they are good at certain things when they are not. why the hassle? why the cover up? why must u lie?
if it's just to safe face, think of the hassle when people start pressurizing u to deliver what u claim u are good at.  

it's sometimes a lot easier to come clean & & confess that u do not know how to do certain things then keep telling people that u do & keep having to do lots of covering up just to hide the facts that u in actual fact do not know a single shit about that particular thing!
i believe that once u do that the burden of stress is lifted up from u right away then u having to keep coming up with lots & lots of excuses why u cannot perform & deliver!  like me for example, i do not know how to sew using the sewing machine...told everyone (who needs to know) about it, & wallah..i have never been bothered from that particular task if ever the need arises, but telling them i can help hand sew it if it is an emergency case.

it's easier to come clean rather then having to think up excuses after excuses....at the very least, if u are willing to learn, people will be willing to teach...just my 2 cents.

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