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Friday, May 20, 2011

May is Special because...

it is my MIL's Birthday on the 3rd of May,
here in malaysia, we celebrate Mother's day on the 2nd weekend of the month,
well..even though it's a known fact that we don't have to wait for that particular time to express our love to our mother...but it is nice to have a special day for mothers anyhow.

my favourite old pic of me ma & i

then on the 16th of may, it is teacher's day which by profession me MIL used to be a teacher & that date too is me ma's birthday...
so i guess, these two special mums of mine were indeed born on a very special month of the year...<3<3

this year me ma celebrated her 73rd Birthday, we had a get together at my parents' in shah alam to celebrate the day. it was a simple do but we managed to make it a joyous one for her & for all.

cupcakes as candle holder that reads" Happy Birthday Ma @ Wan Bastiah~ Always Love U...err ok so it actually read " U love, love, love always..." ma badddd...:P

 Love shape~ white (Vanilla Oreo) & red (double choc chip)roses cupcakes~ as the center piece for ma but picture was poorly taken so i had to cropped.

                                    mother's day cuppies for each & every mother in the family
the yellow daisies represented each one of us her 6 children...hmm...NOT, i was actually practicing with the new nozzles  & yellow gel base colour that i newly acquired that afternoon...hehehehe...
oh and those were lemon cupcakes by the way...

     ma being surrounded by her grandchildren..

 during gifts giving n birthday quizzes

my niece aqilah, the emcee...

my uncle, the clown kept wanting to answer all the questions...xD
& we seriously had a good laugh at this one

to everyone who made this get together happened thank u....

to ma, thank u for being u, for being the mother that u are & the teacher to all of us, without u, we will not be who we are today... love u always ma!

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