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Wednesday, May 25, 2011

the unplanned outing....bomb scare @ Jaya33

didn't planned to do any outing on Monday but when mehubby asked if i'd like to come along with him running some errands i did the Destiny's Child~ Jumpin' Jumpin' performance...my very own version of course..:D
at that instant, i suddenly thought... i needed to get some supplies for my cuppies at Wilton Section 14 P.J, 'if only u're heading that way sayang" i said hinting.:D..his reply was ...oh bless his heart..."we're going to meet up with LAG at KJ so that's not a problem at all."
of course heading down to section 14, PJ during lunch hour is never a good idea so we decided to park the car at Jaya 33 purely for stress free purposes...or so we thought.

anyway...going to Wilton is like a taste of heaven but with RM sign price tags on each items! *_____*
so after getting most of the things in my baking shopping list along with some that was not in the list :P  and after a stop over at digital mall for mehubby's replacement mobile phone battery we headed back to Jaya 33 for lunch @Subway & heading back home after that since Laith has Kumon class that evening.

as we walked across the pedestrian bridge towards the mall we saw people rushing out from the building with a couple of police cars parked at the valet parking spots but we took not much interest thinking that they were doing some drama shooting or they were having some VIPs or celebrities around the vicinity or just simply a routine fire drill by the management...hungry for food we kept on walking thru the main entrance without anyone stopping even though there were people rushing out & passing us with panic faces, so we took it as a good sign that in a few minutes we will be sitting down at the Subway outlet & enjoy those scrumptious sandwiches...damn i can already taste it in my mouth when we got to the outlet it was literally abandoned, no one eating, no body serving at the counter... so we thought "oh well then...let's head home instead & find somewhere to eat on the way..."

so we headed to the autopay station which then at the time cost us RM2 but the machine would not accept the money so we stood there wondering what's going on while people keep coming out of the lifts and hurrying out but none said anything to us...so i decided to go ask around when a building security approached ( well not quite 'approach' as to say just sort of ordering more like) us to wait outside....hmmm....*____*

as we joined the crowd we heard some snippets here & there about a bomb scare... & as we listen to one police officer explaining to some of the crowd he said, "we received a phone call saying that there is a bomb placed at the building, we don't know how true, but we want to make sure that we vacate everyone out of the building'.

since we could not enter the building & retrieve our car... & we sort of said farewell to it in the event that the bomb did eventually explod we walked back across the road & ended up having KFC for lunch... err.the KFC famous bowl sucks, i tell u..if only they actually mentioned that it's actually a hot pot i would not have tried it! erghhh...

these are the few pictures that i bothered snapping ( the view from the pedestrian bridge) cos i was too hungry to worry about anything else...and who knows it might also be my last meal ever hey!

even with us taking our own sweet time trying to enjoy our lunch...NOT! the waiting took forever...after lunch we went back to see if it's ok to enter n retrieve the car...hmmm..NOT!

so we went into the post office & continue waiting like *dungu again...hmmm...not knowing what to do people just start queuing up buying stamps & we started making assumptions that this must be the work of the post office people (across from Jaya 33) to actually boost up their stamp sale...:P as we got tired waiting in the post office, we walked along the shops & see lots of people waited (most of whom work at Jaya 33) while having a drink or two with their colleagues at the mamak restaurants, cafe & bistros...so we thought it must be the work of the kedai Mamak to boost up their businesses...as we walked on we saw more people inside the McDonald's outlet...hmmm it could also be the work of Mc Donald's to boost up their business...& so we walked some more...until finally we reached Secret Recipe & decided to pop in & help boost  up their business so we had coffee & tea, slices of cakes & more tea to drink...
& so we ate & drank & read & chat & when we started to have soar butts we decided to go back & see if we could finally & safely retrieve our car...

after about 3 & 1/2 hours of waiting finally we were free to go into the mall & the parking fee soared up to RM10!!! so we decided that the bomb scare has to be the work of the parking management to boost up their parking collections! :(

hence the end of my first bomb scare experience....

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