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Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Creative eye wear/ eye decoration inspired by Lady Gaga, Elton John and many more

earlier this month, we had a family day on mehubby's side in Kuantan. one of the creative wacky challenge in the itinerary was that each & every participant to put on eye wear/ eye decoration / mask on the 2nd day during the tele-match.
since my creativity was at the peak at the time. i created these eye wear / masks for each and every member of my family that went...:D

here are the pics to share...

they were all totally handmade with TLC...by urs truly :D
 camo /elton john inspired
for mehubby.. those pink sequins... were painstakingly stuck on one by one...

mine was sunflower (my fav flower) & that little butterfly is dhaniah (my fighter niece) inspired..

golf paraphernalea that spelt TOTO
for me FIL
masquerade  inspired
for me MIL..(wanted to make it in either Red or Pink but couldn't find the material in those colours :(
 the two most adorable couple...:)
these, i made for my love struck puppy
yep...none other then me lil big man ~Laith.
well yeah it says Adam cos everyone on that side of family calls him by his 3rd name.

these white Masquerade Lady Gaga inspired...

coupled with the face paint (on the day) was for Dzarina, my SIL.

this..well this anti LiverFool football club

 was for the LiverFool non -fan me BIL- Pjohn.

they sure look good together...

oopss...didn't notice the pic was a lil blur until later... anyway this one was made for my nephew

SuperStar Sam!!

these fake eggs were originally requested by mike, but i just couldn't make it right however i tried~colours n design.... so i asked him if it's ok to do other design & finally he settled for...


basketball inspired eyewear...

hahaha... these were made for Eric the little DareDevil...or he calls himself Yazz...

but then... he got uncomfortable....

 so i painted him !!! xD

these were the mess i made at the challet (not including those i made at the office, my house & my parents'...:D) where we lived during the family day weekend...

thse gift wrapper inspired eye wear were made for kak mimi at the challet...i didn't know she was coming along...

at least... she's spotting enough to put them on...:D

& these were made purely for fun...it should spell ABCBCD & CA short for AnakBeranak CheBiCheDir plus us from a slightly different branch that is Che Ahmad...:D

some wild motives inspired face paint design to match her monkey mask

San-San won a 3rd place & Dzarina was the runner up for the challenge...

my eyewear collection...

& the winner was...

this!! (hahaha..no offence)
haish...how could i challenge a pair of store bought eye wear!?? 

so from the 'gLee club' point of view.."how i know... eye wear/ eye decoration includes headwear & face wear all in one...."
next time i'll make a fullfaced helmet for these kind of eyewear/eyedeco challenge...;P

to sumit all up... i did have fun during the family day weekend & i certainly had fun taking on the challenge...:D


  1. wow, those are fun and lively..you are great...

  2. heehee...thanks brader, that's what happens when i got bored....:D

  3. i love all the eye masks, especially your MIL's. They are all so nice & ceria. you are so creative & talented, girl...keep it up !



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