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Monday, July 25, 2011

the Pink Mermaid has finally emerged!!!

Hello World! move over Abang Eric, it's Princess Pink time...
This is a very exciting news for me & for all of us in the family that i'd can't wait to share...
my little fighter niece Nur Dhaniah @the Pink Mermaid @ Pink as i have decided to call her has finally been allowed home after making the NICU at HUKM her home for more then 4 months!

after all the tears, the worries that she's put her parents & all of us through she finally emerged wide eyed on a cool Saturday nite for her first visit out of the hospital & her first journey back to her eager beaver grandparents house in semenyih in the anxious waiting arms of her cousin brothers.

shhh...Princess Pink sendang beradu...
to her self sacrificed twin brother; Suffian Mikhail,
all ur sacrifices did not go in vain darling boy
ur lil sis is a fighter
she will live a healthy life
& loved by all
for the both of u
& not too worry too..
ur four cousin brothers will guard her
& protect her for u

to Dhaniah aka Pink,
u know what u're suppose to do
keep on fighting baby girl
u've come this far
u've fought all the way through
make ur Big Brother's wishes come true
be strong & healthy for ur papa, mama
& all of us too...

Love u always, Pink!



  1. aawww... saw her pictures on kerry's phone yesterday! sweetheart! so now since i dah takde kat semenyih, that pink title goes to her lah eh? hehehe.. okaylah.. the only girl in the family.. post more picture please!

  2. yeah decided to call her that since the house needs some sweet colour in it after years of blue.. gosh she's just so tiny...& looks so fragile i don't dare even to touch her takut patah!!!



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