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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

July in summary

Time flies without u noticing it...then again, even if u've notice it, u can do nothing about it...
so here i am as always... in my pretty much busy month of the year every year as long as i can remember...anyways...

a little update for this month since i have not been able to post as often as i like to...:(

here are the line up for the people (who's birthdays are in July) who have touch my life in someway or another...

1. Julita Ilhani July 6

2. MZan & PJohn July 7

3. My BSF Sue July 8

4. Laith July 13

5. Eric July 15

6 . meHubby July 21

there are in fact many more 'monsoon babies' (*i call them that cos in general they were all 'made' during the monsoon season..sometimes around October/ November...hehehhe 'P) among family & friends from the 1st of July right up to the end of the month but i'd only mention those closest to me sahaja....

anyway...between the 1st of July to the 16 of July with a break on the 9th of July (there's a nephew's wedding in Kuantan...)
with Sue @the wedding on her birthday weekend in kuantan.
i was super duper busy preparing Laith's 11th birthday Party.
what's with the invitation, pinata, the goody bag, the games, the cakes...the blahblahblah & the blahblahblahs...all in the name of "i wanted to make everything myself"...greediness;P

Laith busy writing his invitation cards
the invitation card to one of his puppy interest...:P
some going ons at the wakaf
It's pinata time...
Hit it baby one more time... 
there goes my 2 weeks hard labour at making that Lakers & Miami Heat basketball pinata..

goodbye hairyball....

temporary tattoo booth

Syaniz & her rose tattoo

lucky draw station

the fun race passport..there were suppose to be 5 teams...can't find the white team passport though...
Cupcakes decorating station...
puzzle station
Basketball station

find the person in the picture station.
the balloon dart station..

Domo pencil case for the 1st place winning team for the Fun Racing

2nd prize goodies..

goody bags for everyone

& finally...the basketball birthday cuppies for the 11th year old boy...

Happy Birthday Big Baby!!
 there is another celebration for all July babies at the end of the month will update soonest possible....

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