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Thursday, August 4, 2011

Happy Ramadhan All!

it's the 4th day of Ramadhan but it seems like it's really not my day today...
wanna know why....well, actually it started from yesterday when our car broke down for no reasons whatsoever...according to the mechanic there's nothing wrong with it...it's like some mysterious ailment on people...& that's really what's wrong with the car... :(

jadinye...today i had no choice but to borrow my MIL's car and for some reasons i just kept driving thru one pot hole to another and somehow it seems that they are all been set up like land mines just for me....u just can't see it especially during rainy days, & it was raining so heavily today (no not blaming the rain just those d@#n pot holes & the Majlis not doing anything about it either)... *sigh* of course i didn't purposely want to drive to the potholes & who would i wonder....@____@
so on this faithful nite while driving the monkids back from their tuition classes in all glory i managed to burst both front & back tyers on the left side of meMIL's car...2 tyers at once... ouch!!! just my luck i left the phone at home...so i had no choice but to drive on those bad wheels home.... :( "sorry mak...i'll drive kak mimi to pasar tomorrow ok" peace...:?

wish all my family & muslim friends all the best of Ramadhan, drive safe & avoid those darn potholes!!!

oii puasa,no bad words!!!


  1. dugaan..macam cerita Pendekar Bujang Lapuk..hihi..



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