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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Love Letters...Ancient history...NOT!

picture taken from my phone under the reading light. but it u look properly, u'll find the Sweety and the Honey in the left hand corner...hahaha...too cute ^_^

Do love letters still exist?  i'm talking about the old school type of love letters or to be exact love messages that are being pass up and down from one love struck boy/ girl to one another in the classroom? does anyone below the age of 20 ever heard of it? isn't it ancient history? i thought that era has long gone... what's with the phone text messages, Facebook, What'sapps and God knows what other social media available with the technology savvy young generation of today...(o_0)

when finding  not one but 2 old school love letters/ messages in Laith's school pants while doing the laundry yesterday, i experienced a kind of a WOW sensation! it's probably like an archaeologist finding some prehistoric inscriptions or something u know. each were written on a torn up paper from the exercise book. of course, reading sentences like (ok, i must admit my reading mandarin is a bit rusty now but i still understand the head and tail of the letter though :)  : 'u're so adorable and too funny', was cute. finding Sweety and Honey as a form of endearment ( at the age of barely 12!)  were amusing....but, to actually find the Love letter is Phenomenal! It's just Wow! they do still exist Sweety Honey! Thank God, i'm still not ancient after all xD

Dayoung Mentari

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