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Thursday, June 28, 2012

if u're not a ballet dancer/ ballerina...

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Recently, i went to have some 'teh tarik' with a group of friends. We chatted n chatted from one topic to another. Since there are a few married couple in the group inevitably the 'intimate' topic popped up.  Suddenly, somebody excitedly announced that so and so's fiancee is a ballet dancer/ instructor and that upon hearing that piece of information and accordingly , everyone of so n so's male's friends' jaws drop( complete with facial expression). this somebody continued with a remark " Lucky Bas3rd!".
Upon hearing that (i wasn't naive, i just wanted to clarify ) i asked; "what do u mean? why is that being engaged / married to a ballet dancer is considered lucky?" so that the topic is out for a discussion. The response was...well it's a guy thing, we fantasize and just u imagine what a ballet dancer can do, there would be a lot of positions involve (complete with a few legs twisting n turning positions explanations, mind u). To sum the explanation all up a ballet dancer would be a great companion in bed. then my jaws dropped. it was down right Insulting. It was one disrespectful, insensitive comment i've ever heard. So what, we the non ballet dancers(i'd assume the non gymnasts, the non acrobats) suck in bed? that our husbands are unlucky to have us despite the fact that we are good at other things or even everything else but bellet dancing?

so the equation is; Ballet dancer (gymnast/ acrobat) + Bed = Lucky Bas3rd

i can't help but think that these people with this kind of mentality see the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence, Ungrateful Bas3rd!

So what now Ladies, let's start registering ourselves for ballet lessons in order to make our men feel as lucky as that "lucky Bas3rd" whose fiancee is a ballet dancer.
Or perhaps on second thought, we should find someone who really appreciate who n what we are, big fat flabby tricepts, thighs and all...

Gosh do these d!1d0s ever look at themselves in the mirror sometimes, i wonder.

Dayoung Mentari
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