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Monday, August 24, 2015

mamai punya cerita

i was diagnosed with Tendonsomethingsomethinglitis. which in ordinary term simply means tendon tear on my right shoulder caused by repetitive shoulder motion blahblahblah... the doctor explained.

oklah senang cerita... coz i play golf five days a week, that's why. -.-

 it's been almost 3 months now since the start of Ramadhan.

last week i went to the specialist and they gave a jab on my shoulder. i hate needles but the jab is suppose to make me pain free...so i agreed to it.

actually that's not what the post all about, it's what happened slightly before and after the jab.

so a few days before my appointment with the specialist, my Event Manager(EM) WhatsApp me if i was interested to take a job.
my first impression of the date was it's on that weekend Sunday.

the Jab was scheduled on the 20/8/2015, apart from i was feeling numb on my  right arm, i also felt drowsy and sleepy... so i slept through...

when i woke up the next day (Friday) sometime after noon i checked my phone and thought, arghhh!!!! i forgot to confirm with my EM about the job and that it's not on Sunday as i initially thought but on that very Friday itself!

notice that i type 21/9 instead of 21/8, a minute later
when i scrolled through again and saw she mentioned 21/11
now, that even got me confused

then for some reason later that evening i just realized that i didn't even get the current month right to begin with!

i still feel pain in my shoulder but not as bad but it has probably migrated to my elbow now... sadly, hopefully temporarily, the doctor said i can't  play golf for the next 6 weeks. Haishhhhh...... :'(

partially handicapped,

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