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Monday, August 24, 2015

Padded pop: from xs to XL and back.

i inherited Baba's body frame whom in turn inherited my Nene's body frame whom i have no clue who'd she inherited her petite body frame from for obvious reason i've never met my great grandparents so i wouldn't know, ie... i don't get fat or rather would and should never get fat... but...see the shadow in the pix?  even the shadow about a year ago says that i've gone nicely padded all around!

the shadow says it all >.<
if anyone should take the responsibility of blame, it's kak Mimi, she fattens me up with her Lauk Jawa everyday! yeah i love her to bits but yeah totally blame her for my padded frame. d(^0^)b

have u ever realize that the last people to notice that u've gain some kilos are the closest to u and the people whom you seldom see are the ones to notice?
in my case obviously, i noticed (since early 2014) when  i can hardly fit into my jeans, the buttons on my work shirts were popping, i've always need to suck in my tummy when i wear my tight fitted tops, my XS size golf skirt slowly turned Small, after which i had to make do with Medium then L and to my horror quickly after that i had to feel comfortable in XL!! one good thing came out of it was that i didn't have to wear padded bras or even push up bras...they just ballooning blossom naturally @-@

going shopping with myubby becomes very uncomfortable when he insisted that he'd helped me look for the sizes. so i'll take the L/XL and let him look for the S/ M sizes for me to try on...hahahah...
u can run u can hide but the shadow will always find u

myubby whom i see everyday of course has been hinting for awhile but i just brush it off with."am i  not more 'cuddleble' now?  i was of course  in denial and he was just too smart to counter that.

then one day, myFIL whom i see everyday casually said in front of myubby "DIL, u've put on kilos!" i was stunned that he noticed and myubby was like" see Bah also notices". i was horriFAT!

a couple weeks later myMIL, whom i  also see everyday pointed out loud "U've gained quite some kilos haven't u DIL!" i almost bolted out the window at that very moment if i wasn't too padded up to squeeze through it.b(>.<)b

late November 2014, we were invited to a wedding. an excellent excuse for me to find a new dress, i said.   browsing through the sizes of one particular design, cutting and the material i  was confident i would at least fit into the L size but, no matter how much i sucked in and hold me breath in, L size was just a mission impossible. so i walked out the shop with head bow low, cheeks so red that i don't even remember putting any  blusher on when i left home that day,  eyes fixed on the floor  with the XL size dress in my hand -__________-

browsing through the photos of the wedding later, almost gave me one heart attack to another was the turning point.. 
realizing that my thighs say hello to each other and start a conversation every steps that i take, that i was huffing and puffing taking one flight of staircase up to and from my bedroom, myubby cheekily reminds me to tilt my head up so not to show my double chin was just way too much.

so i told myself enough is enough
after hours of online  research for the best diet programs; almost bought myself those online 'Best Diet Program" that is on offer for just one day only. after consulting with  New Atkins New You book that i bought for charity from my SIL's office.
I made a new years resolution that i would go on Atkin's diet starting on the first of Jan 2015 at 62kg. 
62!!!!?? haihh...

starting diligently with the 2 weeks Intro program  followed by phase two soon after that. i am well into my 8th month on Atkins now and am comfortably maintaining my 50kg and back at wearing my size S Shirts, Skirts, Shorts and dresseS.

SkinnySunny signing off. :D

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