Tuesday, April 20, 2010

my korean baby....

someone was handing me a lil (Korean) baby girl recently orphaned becaus of some war  over in Korea....she had the smallest pair of eyes & the rosiest cheeks i've ever seen....i was about to take her in my arms when suddenly i felt like the earth was shaking...i struggled to get to the baby but i couldn't cos all of a sudden i heard..." yang, yang...get up & let's go  to bed...!" .;P laaa...tertido depan tv rupenye... damn!!!! just when i was about to hold the baby in my arms;(............
sleepily & groggily told mehubby bout the dream that i just had & insisted to lemme sleep a lil longer hoping that the dream would continue.....yeah in my dream :C

note: why Korea? must be Syaniz's (my dearest darling niece who is so obsessed with Korean tele movie  &is  now learning Korean language) influence.

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