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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Wow Wii, mabuk toddy!!!!;P

last Tuesday morning when i tried to get up & prepare laith's packed meal for school....i could hardly sit up, let alone to stand or walk..my world was spinning round and round...i felt like the floor was unstable, when i lied down looking up the ceiling above me,  i felt like it's was just swirling & everytime i attempted to walk, i came tumbling down...cam orang mabuk todilah rasenye...not that i have ever tried toddy b4 but i guess that must have been how it feels likelah kot....laith tought i was playing a fool & got annoyed with me after awhile...cos i was making him late for school;P

but i just couldnt help it...i felt giddy, nausea & i actually puked a few times in the car  on the way to my PIL's..good thing i thought of taking a plastic bag along with me when we were leaving...when we got to my PIL's i went straight to bed & couldn''t get up, that whole day...i didn't eat or rather couldn't eat cos i'll just throw up & didn't even bother to drink until later in the afternoon. i did eat some cream crackers though...& that was all i could take...

preggy?? nahhhhhhhhhhh...just had my 'freind' over couple of days ago...so what could hv been the culprit for my intoxication? it was kinda odd... when i went to see the doctor, he said it could  probably due to exhaustion...& dehydration...hmmm...that could only happen for one reason then....& one reason only...

determined to loose some fat ( a lil love handles here & there that need some burning...;p) ... mehubby encourages me to do some Wii excerse with laith. & it turned out that i must have over done it the night b4, & my body was just retaliating to all those grueling exercise~ hahaha... intoxicated by Wii excercise....saqwa!!!;P

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