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Thursday, April 29, 2010

pregnant & disability!...

is being pregnant means u are disabled? or
does pregnancy makes u get the disability status?
how did i come to wonder about this issue...?cam ni citernye...
went to have lunch at Burger King today with mehubby (all due to the radio ad on Angry & Angrier Burger @ Burger King punye pasal!). it's during lunch hour so of courselah the parking lot was full at the front bits of the restaurant saved for a disabled parking slot...being very particular about this matter, we went round & round the parking area & finally found a legal vacant spot at the very end of the parking area. while walking in the baking hot sun towards the restaurant i had my eyes fixed on the disabled parking slot, thinking proudly... how civilized the patrons are...at least i thought no one tried to pretend to be one( disabled i mean)...as soon as i finished (thinking that is)a Nissan X-trail swung by confidently & parked. both mehubby & i quickly looked around for their disabled sticker on the wind screen & none was visible.  when the driver, an able body stepped out without a need of a wheelchair or crutches we started eyeing the passenger pulak...out came a woman who was visibly pregnant but not heavily pregnant...well i could see the bump there but not like she can't walk at all...anyway if she's going to have lunch at Burger King then there's no such emergency or disability is there, it's not like it's at the hospital!!? & the geram part was, they actually set in front of us in the diners & not have the slightest guilt on their face while munching on their Whoppers!!!:(

well, to me, being able to get pregnant is a GIFT certainly not a disability u s@#*head MoRoN!!! & walking is good for when u're pregnant or at the very least what they can do is if she's just too lazy to walk, the equally s@#*head hubby could have just dropped her off at the entrance & he goes off & look for a parking space~ selfish idiots!
my main concern was & still is...what happens when there's a real disabled someone who needed the parking slot most after those two S@##*heads selfishly parked their car there?

let's pray not, but try put urself in a disabled person's shoes...wouldn't u be needing an Angry or an Angrier burger!!??

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