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Friday, April 9, 2010

Sugar & Caffeine overdosed child...

the reason why i did a lil research on this & bother to write this entry simply because i do care...
i see it happening over & over again everyday...i could just close one eye or even both my eyes if i'd want to but i can't...my heart bleeds when i see it happening. i've tried talk some senses to certain people but it's just as good as if i'm talking to a brick wall. some people may call it excessive pampering, but i think it's...hmmm...just another form of abuse...to the health of a barely 3 yo child.

thru my observation, this is what i see...
what the child wants, the child gets~ eating habit...

-'brushes' his teeth with lollipops as early a 6.45-7am;
- has some jam & bread for breakfast (please note: it's jam & bread NOT bread & jam);
- shares Nescafe / tea with the maids. sometimes he even gets his own lil mug for it...caught him dunking some 'tiger biscuits' in tea in his own lil mug yesterday. occasionally, he does drink Milo, thank GOD;
- prefers sweet cold flavoured drinks like; syrup or rootbear cordial, loves all type of soft drinks, this include the isotonic drink like 100+ & of course 7/11 Slurpee the most;
- eats mentos like rice;
- gets to eat ice cream as early as 10 in the morning;

he sometimes gets 2-3 lollipops & at least a tube of mentos a day...that does not include a lil chocolate in between....
i am no expert but i am worried for his health...i do. as much as i'd like to help i can't do much about it if the people who actually look after him & think they really care for him do not take this eating habit seriously...

so please....read the facts below... 

Sugar, like fat, gets a lot of sour press, some deserved, some not. Babies are born with a sweet tooth. Human milk is quite sweet, so a child begins life making the connection between eating, drinking, and pleasure. Sugars are one form of carbohydrates and carbohydrates are good for you, as long as you eat the right kinds in the right amounts.

How Sugar Harms
The complex carbohydrates found in vegetables, grains, and fruits are good for you; the simple sugars found in sodas, candies, icings, and packaged treats can do harm, at least when eaten in excess. It's as simple as that. Here's why:
Excess sugar depresses immunity.

Sugar sours behavior, attention, and learning. Studies of the effects of sugar on children's behavior are as wildly contradictory as a sugar-crazed four-year-old after a birthday party, but the general consensus is that some children and adults are sugar-sensitive, meaning their behavior, attention span, and learning ability deteriorate in proportion to the amount of junk sugar they consume.

While studies show that activity levels go up in both hyperactive and normal children on high- sugar diets, the hyperactive children also become more aggressive. Adding protein to a high- sugar meal mellows out the behavioral and learning deterioration. Chalk up another point for eating a balanced breakfast.

Sugar promotes cravings. The more sugar you eat, the more sugar you want. A high sugar meal raises the blood glucose level, which triggers the outpouring of insulin. This excess insulin lingers in the system, triggering a craving for more sugar, thus adding another hill to the roller coaster ride.


Coffee won't affect a child's growth, but too much caffeine doesn't belong in a child's diet. Excess caffeine can prevent the absorption of calcium and other nutrients.

Almost 90% of adults and 75% of kids consume caffeine daily in their diet. While occasional caffeine is acceptable, consuming excessive amounts regularly can be detrimental to your health.

The result of caffeine addiction is that you can develop a whole host of health complaints. Excessive caffeine has been linked to hypertension, headaches, jitteriness, dizziness, tremors, insomnia, fine motor control impairment and even problems with fetal development.
by Methods of Healing
Symptoms of Fatal Caffeine Poisoning in a Child 

Caffeine poses a danger to children and adults of all agesToo much caffeine can accelerate heart rates, cause seizures and eventually result in death. Children are especially prone to caffeine poisoning. Watch for the symptoms and, if you suspect poisoning, get immediate medical attention for the child.

  1. Heart Rate: A high intake of caffeine will cause a rapid or irregular heartbeat. An irregular heart beat can cause death and should be treated in an emergency room immediately.
  2. Breathing: Babies with caffeine poisoning will take rapid, deep breaths. Older children may experience discomfort breathing, difficulty drawing breath and wheezing.
  3. Feeling sick: Nausea, vomiting, fever, diarrhea and a stomachache are all symptoms of caffeine poisoning in children.
  4. Excitement: Excitement and restlessness are indicators of caffeine toxicity.
  5. Tenseness: Muscles may alternate between being very tense and very relaxed. Involuntary tremors, convulsions, seizures and muscle twitching may also occur.
  6. Delirium: Mild delirium, including insomnia, hallucinations, and other neurological symptoms, may accompany caffeine poisoning. Confusion and dizziness are common.                                                By Nicole Thelin 
"As little as three-fourths of a can of caffeinated soda makes kids act out," says researcher Alan R. Hirsch, MD, neurological director of the Smell & Taste Treatment and Research Foundation in Chicago.

On teacher questionnaires, first graders were much more likely to be 'squirmy', impudent and sassy, and attention seeking if they drank caffeinated soda. The caffeine also made the children want to drink more too. So, no caffeine!

Caffeinated Cola May Make Kids Hyperactive
By Drs. Fernettte & Brock E.

show your love for your child not with sugar & caffeine.

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