Tuesday, November 16, 2010

mendudukkan orang?

found this invitation at my PIL's house...& tot it's just so friendly and simple...but err...'mendudukkan orghang;? apakah maksudnye & like a week before the wedding? maybe kak zan could help...


met kak zan who works for DBP yesterday when she came visiting at mePIL's said, it simply means work committee meeting to determine who'd do the cooking, the ushering, the washing, the traffic control etc...during the day...pasal tulah dorng buat a week before the date.
oooOh...alkisahnye...my cikgu BM dulu tak sempat ajar sampai topik "mendudukan orang" nak bat camnerkan...;P

anyway, thank u kak zan for that lil bit of bahasa melayu lesson...appreciate it very much **mmMWahh**

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