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Friday, November 19, 2010

Aidil Adha 2010

for many, many years our aidil adha was not celebrated. it was usually spent either quietly at home watching DVDs, go out shopping or a movie outing..
this year though...well like a lot of things that happened this year, aidil adha this time around was somehow different. for one jomey is finally married & for once requested for a family photo with his wife which we missed out doing during Aidil fitri since kerry & sue went back to klang n we went back to shah alam on the eve of the 1st day of raya for the very 1st time and Jomey went back to johor on the 1st nite of raya & however we tried to arrange a postdated photo session it was not to meet everyone's personal planning & timing....hence no aidil fitri raya pic on this side of the family this year...

it's suppose 2 b jomey & aisha's first family raya pix together but when there are more then 1 or 2 persons posing for the camera...err..& not just one camera that is....the result..well what u see is what u get...;P

 free style...

 the first of the first...

 syaniez doing a can-can...

the ants attack basically ended the session....;P

even though we only planned to just stay up to lunch & leave for a movie outing, we however stayed  on till dinner before we headed back for home...knackered.


  1. love ur pics sis....very, very nice indeed !

  2. hahaha...thanks darling, we're just a bunch of camwhore that's what we are are...:D



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