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Tuesday, November 16, 2010

always carry your Laptop & other valuables on your Person!

the incident happened at Tesco Pasir Gudang ~ Saturday, 13th Nov 2010 to my BsIL ~ kerry & jomey and also a colleague fairiz when they went to Johor for work.  

here's the shout out...

Any1 came across these items from any 2nd hand shops (higher chances in Johor), pls lemme knw ASAP!



1) Dell Studio XPS 16. 15inch, black colour (with silver trimming). S/N: 9V0BXK1. Product Code: M1640-W7P8700


Fairiz's...i think  this is how it looks like...

2) Macbook Pro (late 2008 titanium model) with side grilles (slightly dented on left grille). S/N: W8740FEWX91



3) ...Canon Powershot A1000 IS Camera, Brown duo tone color (with grey Canon case). S/N: 2668B003 (AA)

thank u...


that was the 3rd incident i came across not personally (thank God, Alhamdulillah for that) but to someone i knew or a friend of someone i knew...the 1st one happend to a cousin & her hubby also at tesco (but the one in Ampang, i think) apart from the laptop, they also took her bracelet that was given to her by my late grandma which she err...carelessly kept in the car for some reasons.:'(

the other incident happend to a friend of mehubby who parked the car right in front of the office in the busy street of Kota Damansara. an hour later, came back to the car & saw the car has been broken into. the result? the laptop's gone!!!:(


sometimes  if things were to happen no matter however careful u are, if it's fated to happen it will happend...like if u didn't get ur car broken into then there's the horror of ur house being broken into or the terror of snatch thieving...either way...please be extra careful these days. 

it's not about the computer or the camera as people always say...hmm..ok apart from that u  have to fork out money here & there to get the new one that is...it's what in there..the work, the play the memories in there that are irreplaceable!

so here's a friendly slap on the butt:  if it's not to find just another excuse to get a new one...watch ur back front, right & left & do back ups(for ur laptop)! 

 last but not least,

may all the disgustingly frightful robbers & thieves died the gruesome death...!!! amiin...

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