Wednesday, February 1, 2012

it's just another day....

it was my birthday last week. i am so grateful and blessed that i am still ALIVE and breathing!!! oh and not forgetting healthy enjoy another seconds, minutes, hours, weeks, months and hopefully years of my life.

decided to go on low key this year, i hid my birth date on my facebook profile so that i could just enjoy the day the way i wanted it...just like another day or may be just like another this was how i spent it...:D

my favorite ~Friendship tree @Mud Trekker~Kuang Selangor

yeah that's right  just like another weekend; Paintball + Photo Shoot = Happy Sunny ^u^

the birthday present for myself~ my Delta Outdoor/Army Boots
a Happy Me and somehow a grumpy Laith ;P

not bad fer an old gal like me hey! xD

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