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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Kak Ruby Oh Kak Ruby Part 2

while waiting for mehubby at a meeting yesterday, i noticed that i received a missed call from a number that was not in my contact list. the number however looked similar to my 3rd brother- ateh's but after checking his number against my contact list it was confirmed that it was not. i thought it could probably be either one of Laith's friends or it could be someone inquiring for our face painting services so i returned the call.

the strangest thing happened after pressing the dialer button, the screen went blank! after pressing the back button, the menu button without any success, i had to restart the phone which was so weird because that never happened before (only just had the phone for about 2 months now).

for someone who rarely return missed calls from unknown numbers for some mysterious reasons i was determine to find out whose mystery number it would belong to so i pressed the dialer button one more time. this time it was being answered by a lady's voice....certainly not my brother's voice...

me: hello, hi i received a missed call from this number..

the voice: missed call!? ( sounded (half) surprise)

me: yeah, a missed call from ur number so i thought to just return the call and find out.

the voice: owh...err...

me: (not being rude, but thinking she just probably had dialed a wrong number, i cut in) owh, it's probably just a wrong number, kot...( i said)

the voice: errh..no, no, no but ur name appeared on my screen when u call...are u Aida?

me: yes ( ok so she has my contact number but not sure why she's calling me? and that means it's not inquiring client cos i usually advertise as Sunny rather than Aida) and u are?

the voice: this is Ruby/Kak ruby/ Aunty Ruby...

and my heart SKIPPED a beat!!!
lucky i didn't have a heart attack....

after 4 years that super creepy insident happened i thought i was finally at peace when i never heard or saw her again...and of all the unknown missed call numbers that i never bothered to return call, i decided to return this one particular number!!! *sigh*

One Missed Call

so as fast as a lightning i said;

me: err...owh...i think u got a wrong number...

the voice (now known as kak Ruby): may be not, cos ur name appeared on my screen, are u a golfer?

me: err..yes....(with greeted teeth)

Kak Ruby: are u from SIGC (Seremban International Golf Club) or SGCC(Staffield Golf & Country Club)? which is ur home corse?

me: (just like last time..not knowing how to end the conversation, i obliged) Staffield.

Kak Ruby (excitedly said): so do i. my home course is staffield too...!!!

(errr...don't i know that...u think...*blerggghhh*)

me: ohh...hahaha( a polite but trying to get away hahaha...)but.... ( i said quickly...) i have not been playing golf for quite a while now....( hoping that she didn't realise that i still remember how i met her and how she had called me up one night about 4 years ago and insisted that she could talk to either my father- in- law or my my mother- in- law...)

Kak Ruby: i guess we must have met at the changing room ke at the golf terrace ke kan...hahhaha (laughing heartily ~ suka kau ye Kak Ruby!!!)...

me: i guess so...hahhah. ( deep down- oh plese God, let me out of this conversation now...) but so sorry i don't remember.... i only return the call thinking it's my brother since ur number and his are quite similar...

Kak Ruby: it's ok...i'm sorry too...i must have pressed ur number unintentionally i guess...haha...

trully... for some reasons i don't remember how we ended the conversation...hopefully, i didn't promise her that i'll call her again or that we should keep in touch or ....Oh GOD... i sure hope that i did not actually promise to play golf with her or anything as buddy-buddy like that....-_____-

so that was creepy as hell...what ensued before during and after the phone call...
1st , my phone screen went blank and had to be restarted when i tried to return her call the 1st time. when, of all the unreturn missed calls, against all odds i decided to return hers...then we found out that some important documents in my hubby's (new) lap top were corrupted....(hahaha... that probably has no connections whatsoever to Kak Ruby but oh well u never know hey...) i came back to a not feeling well Laith for food poisoning (which has never had before) and this morning, after coming back from the gym, 2 (angry) birds just charged infront of the windscreen and my best guess from the look at my side mirror (and according to mehubby from his side mirror) both (angry) birdies died if not badly injured...talking about killing 2 birds with one stone..how about 2 angry birds committed suiside on our car!?

is that creepy or is that creepy?

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