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Friday, September 25, 2009

cyber free Rayear!

this Rayear, i had taken a pledge to not bother going online for whatever reason however tempting it would be for at least the 1st three days of Raya.
simply because i thought it's just the right thing to do.
of late, i realize that people would rather go online socializing then having a real chat to someone personally...in front of them, face to face!!
it's a trend nowadays to see a group of people ( be it young, middle age & old alike) sitting at a table in a coffee shop or at mamak's & each one of them start taking out their mobile phones, laptop, netbook, psp & God knows what else...& they are in the cyber world of their own~ online game, chatting, facebooking, twittering, utubing & the like....without feeling the slightest guilt that they may have ignored the one or 2 persons that are without the fancy gadgets who too sit at the same table as they are...;P
personal experience? u betcha!!!;<

old school or not, i just thought it's kinda rude to be going into the cyberspace & doing the cybernetworking intead of socializing with the person sitting in front or next to u!!

& i guess, Raya is the best time to forget the cyberworld for a bit & enjoy the realworld all over again just like we once did....is that too much to ask???

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