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Thursday, September 24, 2009

the techno cyber world of greeting cards.

just a lil something that i experience this Raya season...about greeting cards.

years ago we sent & exchanged greeting cards among relatives & friends. be it for birthdays, weddings & / or during festive seasons....it was always a competition among friends & siblings who gets the most Raya cards...
& during raya eve, we'll be busy hanging & decorating the living room with all the Raya cards we received collectively...

then when technology evolve...we sent & received greeting cards thru emails...from all the free greeting cards providers like bluemontain ecard & the like...
& then someone invented SMS text messages...so the trend of resending the best received greetings to all the rest in the cellphone directory started....i hated it because it so unpersonalized...
& this year...personally, i received only one greeting text message from someone i don't even know who the sender was...cos i didn't have the number registered & the sender didn't write his/ her name after the message & it sounded like this;

x antar orng kata x ingat lansung,
antar kalu Celcom yg untung,
kita yg kene kelentong,
makan tu ingat2 jgn sampai menggelembung
SHR MZB. zero2 ok...

hmmm.....speechless....SHR MZB!?? to save pages & phone credit they put abbreviation for Selamat Hari Raya Maaf Zahir & Batin!!!

anyway it's probably because of the inflation, will be my best guess...thankfully no one else send me those irritatingly annoying text greetings...like last year.

& this year with almost every, Minah, Ali, Ah Moy, Ah Chong, Sita & Muthu has a facebook account...i received lots & lots of Raya greeting cards thru facebook!!! yeah inflation is definitely hitting hard!!

damn....i miss those snail mail greeting cards!!!! i do, i do, i really do.....

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