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Sunday, September 20, 2009

Raya oh Raya...

err...quite frankly i'm not a big fan of Raya... even when i was little...
i don't know why...probably because to me, Raya should be a happy joyful occasion but somehow i find that this is the time when u see all the sad faces everywhere for some reason or another... even when seeing all the relatives whom u probably only get to see once a year which is of course during Raya...one could get very emotional & often shed tears for some unknown reasons.
& Almost all the the lagu Raya sounds somber...except for the one that goes like..."minta mak kuih sepotong....." song, yang lain semua...lagu (raya) sedih!!! why oh why....????

this Raya, although my feeling still stays the same as above, i made an effort to look like i actually enjoy the season..it could probably because i love the brown baju( hubby baught that brown baju kebaya for me without me knowing....& the size fit me perfectly~ Bravo sweetheart!!!!) that i was wearing for that photo session on the first day... i dunno...but it did the trick...somehow..;P

anyway enough rambling...

di sini, sempena bulan Syawal yang mulia ini, i sincerely like to take this opportunity to meminta seribu kemaafan to those feelings i've hurt directly or indirectly.... but one thing for sure is... it has never been intentionally...
Selamat Hari Raya, Maaf Zahir& (batin)??? well i guess i just go with the flow huh...;D

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