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Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Bargain Sales- BiG BaD Wolve book Sales vs MST golf warehouse sales

i had every intention to buy lots & lots of books at the book sales yesterday as opposed to mehubby who had from the very beginning was so looking forward to the golf sales since he thought it's high time for him to change his irons (golf) set.

well....let's just say it's just not meant to be... GOD had planned something different for me.

since we had to go to CIMBank Kelana Jaya branch we decided to head down to the golf sales first since it's just around the area. i hadn't plan to buy anything except & only except if they have cool bargains on golf caps or nice pair of sun shades..NO shirts, NO golf skorts (shorts that looks like skirts) NO anything else....simply N.O~ so i told myself...& what do i know.....

as i entered the main entrance i saw the most super- ultra- cool pair of golf shoes with an extremely super cool cut down price ( 50% cut down plus another 10% as MST i love golf member) that my jaw dropped right down at my feet! arghhhhhh......must be love at first sight.

Driver Lucy by Adidas

wearing my Driver Lucy the next day during my morning round.

i didn't even bother to pep talked myself that i do need a pair of new shoes, i just told myself i WANTED those shoes, end of story. they may not look anything like an ordinary golf shoes, & that's why i love it & they are amazingly comfortable. mehubby thinks they're cool too... so that's a plus!

mehubby on the otherhand, didn't get what he had in mind, ended up buying a few packets of tees , few pairs of gloves & a cap, BORING!!!!;P
next on agenda was to Amcorp mall, the one sale that i thought i was so looking foward to...well as i mention earlier, GOD had other plans!!;P

no doubt that most books were priced at RM8 each but they're mostly from unknown, unheard of authors. & a big portion of the sales was mostly school books.
i was very disappointed although mehubby did buy a few, i didn't find anything i like.

to those who love Sherilyn Kenyon...they're only RM8! (sorry picture bit blurry)

how we summed up the BIG BAD WOLF book sales: it is neither BIG nor Bad enough to our liking. but then again it's always the matter of preferences, i might not find anything interesting but other people might have. that's what life is all about hey!


  1. yep only RM8, but i didn't buy becouse seriously no mood dah.



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