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Monday, December 7, 2009

PC fair & High School Musical Summer Celebration@ KL ConVec

went to KL Convention Center last Friday for two reasons; to get myself a netbook at the PIKOM PC Fair 2009,

and to watch High School Musical Concert-Summer Celebration with Laith (exclude mehubby for this one).

it was a horror to get there on a rainy Friday afternoon, massive traffic jam- bumper to bumper & people going to Friday prayers, lunch time & also to the fair & concert, i guess. managed to get there after having to park the car all the way at PNB Darby Park with an hour to spare before the concert started. went around the PC fair for a bit checking out what's the best deal for a netbook, decided what i wanted & got mehubby to get it for me while Laith & i went to watch HSM! :p

it was a 3pm show, the hall was practically empty!

kontrol macho punye budak! he sleeps with the HSM dvd on almost every night but refuses to sing & dance during the concert.

of course they're not the original HSM crew but they were good nontheless.
i was however kinda disappointed that they didn't do photo session after the show.

side track 1:
there was this family of six- a mother of 3 plus her two nieces arrived 45 mins late for the show becouse they got stuck in the traffic & had trouble finding parking space were offered to watch the evening show, that very same evening. it was thoughtful of the organiser to actually do that.

side track 2:
die hard fan~HSM crew wannabe. hehehe.. the lil girl had her East High cheer leading gear on!


after the show we rushed back to meet up with mehubby at the PC fair.

& he already bought melilnetbook- DELL inspiron mini 10 in blue~ sweet! at first i thought of getting it in red, but decided against it since red is for my golf stuff, so i picked blue cos it's my prime fav colour, after red.
i named it DLA (pronunce Delia) Boo.

Delia Boo & papa Dell

Laith during one of the racing game at Alienware booth.

with the Aliens
after dinner, we all went home happy!

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