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Thursday, December 3, 2009

new addition to our family, welcome Leonardo & Raphael!!!

Laith bought Leonardo(previously known as Oogway (from Kung Foo Panda or it means tortoise in Mandarin ) from his school's bazaar a couple of weeks back. even though i have verbally & expressly objected to the idea when he told me the day before ( the bazaar) that he was going to buy the tortoise, simply because i don't think he's ready for any pets yet. secretly, i did hope that he would actually buy it...hehehe..why? because i used to have pet tortoises myself when i was younger- a dear college friend~Azita Aziz gave me as birthday present. they were in fact named after those cartoon characters~the ninja turtles too, Leonardo & Donatello, they were!

well since he only had enough money to buy just one, i took pity on Leonardo & bought him a freind that Laith decided to name him Raphael after i objected to Snake Eyes (The character from G.I Joe) hehehe....;)

from the picture i've no idea which one is which but real live, Leonardo is smaller than Raphael & is also less active, to be more precise, lazy butt!

we'll just see how long it would last until i will be the one who ended up looking after the two! ;P

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