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Monday, February 1, 2010

Royal Pudding Raja....

first time i set eyes on this pudding, i seriously thought it's an exotic aphrodisiac oyster of some kind. what's more, it's been served during my BIL's wedding as dessert...hmmmmm..;P

this one was made by kak Ji for the wedding.
but of course Mak Yan was quick to hear my comment & told me what it was...hehehe...
accordingly, Puding Raja ("Royal Pudding")~  is one of the Sultan of Pahang's favourite dessert hence it's name.

it is a traditional Pahang Malay dish prepared as appetizer !?...err did i hear that correctly? or dessert (more likely). a favorite by local folks taken with their evening tea, this colorful cuisine is also normally served during weddings and festivals.
anyway here's the recipe...no idea how to make the jala mas though but one can always go to Kelantan/ Trengganu  & Pahang to get those jala mas to complete the recipe...hehehe;P

5 – 10 pieces of (not too ripe) bananas (pisang lemak manis preferable)
pisang emas can also be used.
5 or more pieces of prunes
5 or more pieces of red cherries
5 or more pieces of green cherries
cashew nuts(optional)

Sauce (Gravy)
1 liter of milk
2 tablespoons of condensed milk
1 teaspoon cornflour /can also use custard powder
1 egg (beaten softly)
125 ml water

~ fry the bananas in cooking oil (just a short while in low heat) until they turn a little dark yellowish (not fried). then take them out and put aside on a plate. if available, spread the "jala mas" on top of the bananas.
~ the sauce or gravy ingredients are blended and mixed together and then boiled in a pot. Stir them well while cooking until the sauce becomes a little thick.

~ let the sauce or gravy cool before pouring them on the bananas and other fruits. ready to serve.

please note: this dessert is sweet, so do not over eat or u'll end up a diabetic!

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