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Thursday, February 25, 2010

between a dog & people....

after my silence is golden theraphy, finally i manged to find my words back...Yay!!!

figure that i like to share some interesting facts that i came across while surfing the net about dogs...in total silence.
point to note: i'm not suppose to like dogs, but secretly... deep down inside i do(my sincere apology to those who are offended by this statement).... i've always wish i could have one but i don't suppose that is possible... so, the closest that i could get to a dog (since i cannot own one) is when i play the virtual interactive game Dog World on Facebook or i got myself a dog golf driver headcover as seen in pics below;

this is Lucky the Pup.

anyway...these are the doggy dozens  (borrowed facts from the author : why i like dogs More than people) why i think dogs make great companion than some people....
  1. Dogs “love” unconditionally.
  2. They’re always happy to see you.
  3. They sense that you like them and like you back right away, so making “friends” with a dog is almost never a long ordeal.
  4. They don’t carry grudges.
  5. They are always “there” for you when you’re having a bad day.
  6. If you know how to behave as an owner, they are easily trainable and maintain great dispositions forever.
  7. They are content to just hang out with you for hours at a time without bugging you about anything other than food, water and nature calls.
  8. They don’t over-analyze anything.
  9. They don’t nag you or whine incessantly about a bad day at the office.
  10. They make you smile when you normally wouldn’t.
  11. They are consistent.
  12. They watch your house, and your back.
most importantly, thru the stories / & articles that i heard & read...(sadly can't experience it first hand) they are most Loyal & Grateful creatures!!!

SLR signing off.

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