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Thursday, September 23, 2010

11th anniversary dinner @ Restoran Windmill, Kajang.

the initial plan was to have our anniversary din-din at Victoria Secret Station (ampang / damansara) however since the day fell on sunday and that laith has school the next day, we didn't want him to miss his bedtime@ 9pm & mehubby wanted to watch MU vs Lilypool's football match on telly so, we opted for Restoran Windmill instead cos it's about 8-10 mins drive from home.

the view from outside..

the centerpiece..

the framed paper cutting...

 for some reason, the restaurant was practically empty...we could actually bergolek-golek from end to end...if we had wanted to...;P

 mehubby's starfruit juice & my health juice (cucumber, apple, guava & celery mixed juice)...err the celery taste is most outstanding though...;P

i asked for shrimp & mango coctail but i guess mango is out of season so i got shrimp & laichi coctail instead~sukati je!!!

mehubby's spare ribs was good but may be he should asked for the sauce with chili instead of without.

 my black pepper ostrich steak...it was good but it looked like beef, it tasted like beef...so i'm not sure if it's actually ostrich that they gave me..;P

so here are some of our gediks photos together while waiting for our food to arrive....

& here's the add & tel no;~
Restoran Windmill9-10, Jalan KP 1/2, Kajang Prima 43000, Selangor
Tel: 03 8739 9497/ 8808

 ~till next time~

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