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Monday, September 6, 2010

Restoran Sari Ratu~ Nasi Padang for berbuka puasa.

 the phone no above is for their outlet in Desa Pandan, KL

wanna share our berbuka out that we had last week at Restoran Sari Ratu @ Dataran Glomac, Kelana Jaya.
~opposite Kelana Pakrkview Maybank Tel : 7806-4122

been here before but never got around to do any updating...so here's my review.

to ensure a table for the 3 of us (mehubby, laith & i ), i made a reservation at around 11 in the morning on Merdeka day, cos i know being a public holiday in the month of Ramadhan it's not at all wise to just do  'ala- ala terjah saje' walk- in reservation. 

at around 5pm after a hopeless & unsuccessful raya shopping for my baju raya at Sunway Pyramid ;(,

love the Raya deco at Sunway Pyramid though...

we decided to drop by at the restaurant to confirm our reservation & to order our food for berbuka. even though there were 3 of us, i decided to just order for a portion for 1 or two of  the dishes. apart from laith, mehubby & i have very small  tummies....we can't eat much for berbuka anyway. satisfied with the order we went off to Giant mall to kill the time before azan. nearing the time for berbuka, we happily claimed out seats...at table no 4.

lalalala...so lalalahappy that finally after craving for nasi padang from b4 we went to bali until we came back...we finally, finally  managed to get around it.. for buka puasa....hmmm...yumm...:D

here's what we ordered originally....
1) 3 plates of white rice, 
2) 3 pieces of Ayam POP~ their pet name for their ayam penyet... 'POP' stands for Popular, 
3) 2 portions of Cili/ Sambal Ijo (Sambal Hijau)- equivalent to sambal belacan. 
4) 2 portions of masak lemak Tunjang (urat), 
5) 2 portions of masak lemak pucuk ubi, 
6) 2 portion of masak lemak Otak ( yes baybeh , otak as in brain),
7) a portion of kacang buncis, 
8) 2 pieces of Paru (also known as kayu) 

*we're not a big fan of masak lemak, but at Sari Ratu the various masak lemak that they have to offer are to die for...

the sambal ijo

 masak lemak otak

 masak lemak pucuk ubi- laith's new found favorite.

 Paru aka the most expensive (Don't believe me, i'll show the receipt at the end of this post.) Kayu we've ever eaten!!!( it looks like paru but don't be fooled, it tasted like kayu yang sangat keras!)will be the first & the last time we'll ever eat this particular 'thing'!

sadly, no pictures of the masak lemak tunjang & ayam POP though, cos after a few failed attempts at reminding the waiter & waitresses for the remainder of our order, i had to go to the lauk counter myself & complained that there were still lauks that they have not served & was very disappointed when told that..they'll send the tunjang shortly but never the Ayam Pop- because THERE ISN"T ANYMORE AYAM POP LEFT~ habis sudah......WARHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH....... :'O  
made reservation at 11am, confirmed booking & ordered the food( at 5pm in person) way before the other patrons even thought of where to berbuka that day & we didn't get our freaking AYAM POP!!!  Adil ka??
*sigh*...kalau dah tak dak rezeki nak bat canner kan...;(  *ayat menyedapkan hati ayam pop ;(....*

well anyway, for drinks, me hubby had esteller, laith had es shanghai ~ both are ABC the Indonesian version & i had apokat (avocado)...yummy!!!

from left to right; Esteller, Apokat & Es Shanghai

  haish...ini budak bulat sibuk nak masuk jugak!! :P
 oh if u like buah kabung, Es Shanghai has loads in in.

& here's the receipt...check out the one that i've highlighted...

seriously in general, we really did enjoy the food...EXCEPT for the part that we didn't get our hands on that oh so DIVA Ayam POP tu lah...& for the PARU KAYU yang makan boleh patah gigi tuh...costs RM11.60 for 2 keping??? *mak,mak pergi pasar, mak jangan lupa beli paru sekelo ye mak!"~for that same price according to meMIL.

so people, if ever wanna try a great nasi padang, Sari Ratu is the place to be but stay clear off the Incredible PARU KAYU~ don't say i didn't warn u! if going for berbuka puasa, make sure to make reservation, confirm booking by ordering ur food early & stand in front of the food counter an hour b4 berbuka to make sure that the "oh i'm so POPULAR i could be a DIVA ayam" get to ur table & not others! *we've learned the hard disappointing way...;(

* note to self: at least we still got to eat~ count ur blessing sunny!

Happy Ramadhan... a few more days to go... will there be drama...stay tune!

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