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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

last kopek RaYear preparation...

this year, mehubby & laith found their baju raya way before Ramadhan started unlike last year. i on the other hand, bought mine 2 nites ago.... finally, Yeay!!!! it was one quick pusing2 around Jaya Jusco Balakong& BAM!!! i found one & i bought 3~ the right colours & the right size~ a size 's' as in 'small'...still ;P.hahaha...velagaks!!!   i'm going for a simple look this year...hmmm...as EVER!! except for last year of course but this year, Simple as Simple does! :p
all i need to get now is a new pair of jeans, a pair of ear dangles and a pair of false eye lashes....i think.. those are the only pairs that i need want left. hehehe...;P

last nite after bugging me for the last couple of weeks, laith n i made some Honey Cornflakes. half way through, he complained of being tired...haish budak nih... well, actually his excuse was he wanted to make Choc Chip Cookies (triple Cs) last nite not Honey Cornflakes!!! percaya tak!? so i ended up doing it all by myself! ;X
muka concentrate masa cabut those lil paper cuppies..;P.( before he started complaining..)

 the result of our hard work...:P

so maybe tonite (..will be the night....lalallala....) after coming back from BSC, we might attempt the triple Cs...hmmm....wishful thinking.

ok...now i better go prepare for tonite's lemon chicken for berbuka (meFIL requests) b4 we chow later this afternoon...

a day & a half more to go baybeh!

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