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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

uhh...it tastes like lion!

ok just a little sneak peek over my little trip to the lion city of singapore ...

this little post is just about my stupid little mission,
the mission was: take a picture or pictures while trying to drink the 'lion water' , no, not new water but lion water:P

first, i experimented with Laith(his name literally means the lion cub in arabic)

nahh doesn't look very convincing, the lion is just too far away....
nope...still too far away....
i said look straight ahead & open ur mouth wide!
there with marina Bay Sands in the background...perfect!  although from his expression, the water definitely taste like lion...:P

now it's my turn...

perfect the 1st time. but if u think i was  satisfied with this one...think again...i wasn't happy with the merlion's angle
perfect merlion angle but mission failed...
after a few more trial & error of lion water on the face, on the nose, finally it landed right into my mouth...meyubby had to actually pulled my hair to really tilt my head for this shot...:P

although Laith & meyubby got really tired waiting & trying for my perfect shot we, well at least i had fun doing it...:P

till the next post, take care!

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