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Monday, September 19, 2011

we';ve made it this far...a journey of a Dozen year!

It's a Dozen Year!
a dozen year, in human life is considered a Pre-teen
it means...
it's still a long way to go, there are so so much to learn
a dozen year in married life is..
'oh wow, we've made it this far!"

we've made it this far...
through lots of...
laughter, tears & greeted teeth...
through ups & down, down, down, down, down...(according to Justin Bieber)
through fat & thin..
through teasing, sulking & coaxing..
through...err... sometimes " i feel like strangling yous" moment
especially during those PMS moment..
but of course most often we have our "i love yous" moment...

it's a dozen year!
we've made it this far...
through lots of silly quarrel over silly things...
when i mistakenly put in my shaver instead of yours in the travel kit..
when i absent 'mindedly give u my golf socks instead of yours..
when u keep sitting on my hair clips, pin & brooches on the driver's seat every time i'm done with the car..
when i keep leaving my phone behind or forget to charge it..
when i keep forgetting to put back the gate tag where it belongs..

It's a dozen year!
we've made it this far even ...
through my lame attempt at trying to pay u back what i owe u in say: Singapore Dollars with what i have in Ringgit Malaysia on face value ( SD50 to RM50)instead of the actual value :P
when i greedily monopolized all the spare rooms inda house into my multi-purpose room & my very own styled walk- in closet leaving u none for ur own 'man cave'...
*(but this year i've decided albeit grudgingly gave up my walk- in closet cum the iron surf-board room to be converted into ur very own man cave as the anniversary gift...let's just hope u use it wisely...)

It's a dozen year!
we've made it this far...even
while watching Your selection of TV programs ie: the ESPNews, Discovery channel/ History Channel & the like, u keep flicking through the channels back & forth...
when ur most used word todate is 'picit' day n nite...
oh & 'lapar' even right after we come back from our meal out just an hour earlier which i dubbed as "Perut Bocor"
when u think i have a funny boxy nose which u nicked it "hidung kotak'!
when u think i'm such a busy body when u check on ur fb page every hour of the day & nite...haa...siapa lagi busy body!?
when u caress the paintball marker while watching TV..while i massage ur feet...aish mana aci nih!

we've made it this far... even when
i failed to give u ur own mixed team of football players...
i think picking ur white heads on ur nose is most exciting when u think it's utmost annoying..
u think pulling my white hair gives u such thrill when i think...well.. i don't think... i just shRIEK!!

We've made it this far..through
screams of " Agrhh it's Mickey! (as in mouse / rats), cries of " we've lost the baby( or sometimes babies), again.." or during our quiet silent moment or when i keep repeating "i'm so excited, i just can't hide it..( according to pointer sister)when we're going on a (summer) holiday...moment..

It's a dozen Year!
we've made it this far because...
u've been such a caring, supportive loving & wonderful husband to such a clumsy; "kedok' wife that i am...
it's been such a colourful journey of a dozen year with u...
looking forward to dozens more to come...



  1. aawwww.... happy anniversaryyyyy!!!!! sorry i cant be there to wish you and joey in person but u know my prayers will always go to u both... the most loving couple on earth! me loves you and miss u so and very much... God knows! sobs..

  2. TqTqTqTqTq.......hehehe..me love & miss u so much too... gotta do some outing lah,it's been ages.... lemme c when then i'll let u know k.((((hugs))))



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