Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Here comes JULY!!!

Jan, Feb, March, April, May & June came & went...
& here comes July.... the month where i'm gonna experience a big hole in my pocket! why?? cos this is the month with the most Birthdays (in my family...) of all the 12 months! hmmm...these must be due to the monsoon baby making season starting sometime in October of every year i think...:P
so here are the list;
1-7th- Shafizan's- my BIL(eyna's hubby),
2-8th - Sue's- my darling SIL,
3-13th- Laith- my one & only son,
4-15th-Eric's- my cheeky lil nephew(eyna's son),
5-21st- me SuperDuper Darling Hubby's.

& i got a list of friends' & relatives' birthdays line up too...uhh... i think i'm just gonna pack up & leave for a holiday for the whole of this month yo!!! ;P


  1. takleh cutiiiiiiiiii
    no no no!!! hehehehe nak prezzie?? puh-lleeezzz???

  2. hahaha...cakap jetuh...
    (except for last year).. no worries i'll find something pink for u as usual k ...;P


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